Your Inner and Outer Dimensions: Balancing Science and Spirituality


We have to be in touch with both the outer and the inner dimensions. We have to become aware of our spiritual aspects. The way we think and how it affects our life. Science itself cannot do that for you. Science has limitations. It is the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world. It doesn’t go within. Science goes outwards and studies objectively; it cannot go into the subjectivity itself. This is the function of spiritual search.

Humanity needs both science and spirituality. The first though is science. It explores the outer, the circumference. Then we explore the inner because it is more gentle, more delicate. Science is what creates space for spirituality to exist.

We have to become well balanced. We have to be flowing and fluid. Whenever you become fixated you become a thing.

Monks are introverted, in the sense that their eyes are closed to the outside world. The east failed to advance scientifically. Many initial stages of technology developed in the East – such as mathematics in India – but they neglected their outer dimensions. They became absorbed introverts and lost interest in the objective world. They were only half of their potential.

The West on the other hand is doing the opposite. They have become almost completely extroverted, and don’t know how to go in. People in the West don’t believe there is an in, or a spiritual essence within us. Human beings are seen as biological and mechanical.

Science advanced in the West where spirituality has disappeared, and Spirituality advanced in the East where Science has disappeared. Both sides remain half of their full potential. To be successful we have to know the language of the objective world and also of the subjective world.  In order to become whole you must bridge both materiality and spirituality.

Become in touch with both your inner and outer dimension, they work hand in hand. Once we are spiritually aware we must still remain Earthly. We must keep it rooted on Earth. When spirituality denies the Earth it becomes intangible, becomes airy-fairy. It is no longer alive and using all its potential.Be in touch with the Earth and its methods.

Money is one of the greatest inventions of man. It allows us to step into another level of abundance. It allows us access to endless abundance and unlimited possibilities.  You cannot fit a car and a holiday into your pocket. But you can fit enough money to do that.

But don’t cling to money. Don’t become attached. The more you become attached the poorer the world becomes. The economy is stimulated when you pass the money around.  In English it is called currency. Like currents it should constantly be moving.

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  • Stare into life and what you see is who you are. When Mary of Bethany prophetically antinos Jesus before his death, she does so because she sees in Jesus what she sees in her own self profound divinity: we can only see in others what we see in our own selves. Also, you need to read Willa Cather’s Song of the Lark which echoes the same language of ancient rock carvings’ and dwellings as inner landscape.

  • Sree lekha

    I don’t think you can speak for the east. There are evidences of nuclear weapons used ages ago in the east, at a time no proper civilizations were even supposed to exist. Their literature has numerous references to advanced technology, texts that tell you how to build some of them along with precautions and FAQ’s etc.

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Thanks for the comment Sree! Could you provide more information to what your referring to?

  • wow, awesome blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.