I am that

You Are That

I am that

The ultimate truth is That.

The basis of your existence is That.

That is the only thing that doesn’t change. The source of all things is That.

That can also be called consciousness, or existence itself. The root of all existence is because of That.

Ever since you were little, there was one thing with you that hasn’t changed. Everything else has changed. You are a completely different person than you were when you were a child. Your beliefs have changed, your values, your looks, your structure and many other things. But one thing that hasn’t changed is your awareness – the consciousness that is experiencing all this change.

Your consciousness which was present when you were young and the consciousness that is now hasn’t changed. And from this, we know that what is truth is something that doesn’t change. The ultimate truth to your existence is consciousness, that that doesn’t change. Everything that is illusion is something that is temporary, something that changes. Something that is impermanent is illusion. So everything around us, and about us, is only illusion. It is real in the sense that it exists now, and only now, but due to the nature of illusions it is impermanent, it changes. It isn’t real.

So view the world as it is, an impermanence. You are also impermanent, and will change. Don’t worry about what’s happening in your life, don’t worry about anything at all. You are just an illusion, subject to change. The only thing constant in this world is change, and your consciousness. But your consciousness isn’t really a thing; it is the’ thing’ that gives rise to other things. It make’s sense the world, and gives it meaning.

Without your consciousness the Universe wouldn’t exist, because it doesn’t exist for you. If it doesn’t exist for you then it doesn’t exist as all, in a subjective world. In an objective view of the world it can exist, but since you are a subject and everything you experience is subjective, then it doesn’t exist in that sense.

So That in which you are is the source of everything. Many religions have tried to explain ‘that’, through words. They say soul, spirit, and the eternal. These words are true, in the sense that they point to consciousness. But the problem lies in the fact that these things are merely pointers, they are just words, sound vibrations. So when religious organizations convey these words, the followers attribute the words to be truth.

The words themselves don’t mean anything, they simply just point. They are labels that can lead you to the truth, but aren’t the truth in themselves.

The only way to know truth is to experience it first-hand. I’ve had a few instances where I’ve been in touched with this truth, and some of these times I have been under the influence of psychedelic drugs. I wouldn’t recommend you go out and start taking drugs, but if you wish to have a glimpse of this truth then drugs can be the way. But I don’t recommend it, as it is only a temporary glimpse and you don’t need it to experience this truth.

The best way to experience truth is to live in the moment, always. That which you are resides only in the present moment. It doesn’t know past or future, as past and future are not experiences. The thing that experiences all existence experiences existence in the now. Past and future only exists in the realm of mind, the realm of thinking. You are lost in thoughts, thinking that ‘Yesterday a man on the train called me dumb’, ‘I lost an argument with a group of people’, ‘I have an assignment due tomorrow morning’. All these things are ways your mind lives in the past and future, always worrying and stressing about the things that doesn’t exist now.

The way to know That, not just to believe it because some book told you to, is to experience it first-hand. To feel it coming through you, alive inside you, is to be it. Be it fully, and use it to experience things fully. When you eat, be there with your eating. When you shower, be there when you shower. Put your full attention on it, and let it emerge. The more you let That emerge, the more it will start to guide your life for the better.


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