Will It Be Worth It?


Whether you’re grinding away at your online business or making into existence one of your genius ideas, there will be times when you ask yourself if it’s all worth the effort. Will I be fulfilled? Will this make me a lot of money? Will I enjoy this for the rest of my life.

“All great attempts are attended with risks” – Plato

Many times I come across questions similar to these – trying to find meaning in what it is we do. Many times you will succumb, and give it all up.

But what I propose here is to constantly be taking temperature tests on whatever commitment you have.

Whether you’re half way through a blog, or a book even, and you start feeling a nagging from your doubtful self – nag it back with some self questioning.

Ask yourself this: “In 5/10/20 years time, can I still see myself doing this?” If you can see yourself – in some form or another – doing what you currently do, then follow up with this question: ” Do I want this more than anything in the world? Am I willing to put myself through difficulties and challenges no matter what they are in order to achieve this?”

If the answer is yes, then everything will be worth it. If you look into the future and feel glimpses of excitement for something that you envision, and this thing isn’t harming anyone, then you can guarantee that this will be worth it.

Keep at it, and it will work out. When you want something enough, and it resonates with who you are, then it will be worth it and you will succeed.

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