Where Did “God” Go?


The  definition of God in an age of information freedom and education seems irrational to the rational mind. The religious and biblical definitions of the “great” being in the sky seems to be unrealistic and incomprehensible. Many dogmatic teachings of religious texts are becoming more and more illogical to the modern mind living in an age of exponentially increasing scientific knowledge and technology.

The number of people who have no religion is increasing – they’re losing touch to God. There seems however to be a new way of looking at God and the definitions around it. The increase of various spiritual movements in restoring peace and understanding around the world. The increase in acceptance of people and the decline in inequality on all fronts, mainly economical (Occupy Wall Street), gender and race. The coming together of the people of the world and the gradual decline in violence.

This is the new God. God is no longer a person but the additivity in side everyone, the love and peace in which we all can experience if we go deep enough. It is the absence of ego. God is a presence. Any form of worship can be seen as stupidity – it is giving your power away to some external source. What we need to come to terms with is that all problems and solutions stem from within ourselves – there is no salvation needed.

God is the experience of silence, beauty and bliss.




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