Banish The Hole Inside Of You and Feel The Wealth


Wealth to me isn’t as much about the money as it is about the mindset. It’s about a feeling and an attitude. To be wealthy to me is to feel wealthy, to live an abundant and fulfilled life. Notice how I didn’t say anything about money. It’s irrelevant. If you feel wealthy, then you are wealthy, no matter how much money you have.

Many people have come to the realization that just because you have a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that you feel rich. Many people with a lot of money get there through their ego, through their desire structure.

This causes a lot of challenges in itself, because by searching for that feeling of fulfilment externally, you end up at a place far worst then when you started. The search has lots all meaning, because the goal has no meaning either. It doesn’t fulfil that hole that you’ve been living with your whole life. And who created that hole? You did!

The illusion of the hole

Most people go around in life with a huge hole that needs to be fulfilled. What’s the cause of it?

Well its an illusion. Nothing really needs to be fulfilled. The attempt of trying to fill it has caused all the shitty things in the world. The main goal of the ego is to constantly fill this hole, or to at least pretend that it’s fulfilled.

You’ve all heard of people having a mid life crisis, which is simply a realization that their journey wasn’t worth the goal.

You go to school for 13 years, then to college, then you get a job, and then you finally have a nice family earning a decent income – but there’s something missing. Why can’t it ever be enough? Where’s the fulfillment? “I want to finally feel rich, and abundant!” you say.

It can’t be filled because it’s self constructed, mind made. It’s an illusion that we keep falling for, no matter how many times we are taught it. A mid life crisis is the ultimate realization of this.

All our lives we’ve been tricked, and conscripted against your will to live this way. You didn’t know any better. The movies say so, the music says so. All the bling bling in the world won’t ever fill that whole.

How to feel whole

To feel whole again means to no longer have the desire to fulfil that hole. You don’t care about it. The magical thing is that once you don’t need to fill it, it fills up on it’s on. It dissipates, never to be seen again. You realize that it’s simply just conditioning. You wake up to it. It was all just a thought, a belief construct.

To feel whole again, and to really FEEL wealthy, you must wake up and realize that it’s an illusion. It’s all a lie, in order to get you to play a game. The system needs you to support it, so it tricks you into doing things you don’t want to do, whilst giving you the illusion that you really want it.

The truth is that all the bliss and joy in the world, none of that can be attained from things. You can’t use things to make you happy. I’ve heard a  good analogy about it, which says that trying to make yourself happy through things is like trying to get full by strapping food to the other side of you.

This is so very true, because the external things can’t give you that lasting fulfilment and joy. It gives you a baby level of joy, which is excitement and pleasure. They are nice, but not as nice as deep peace. What is hotter, a searing hot but steady coal, or a wild flame? The coal will be a hundred times hotter.

So be the coal. Be that wealth already in you. You are already wealthy, and have everything you need.

To be wealthy externally, we must first feel wealthy in side.

That is the true secret.



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  • Terrace W.Turner

    This is a bunch of Bull S*** ! The writer has never went to bed hungry . Fired from a job and has wife & kids . Been denied a job because of the color of your skin.Cant answer the phone because of creditors calling.Living pay check to pay check. Yeah all the feeling good stuff is great on paper , but the real world is hard .’ Show me the Money”.
    You mentioned “things” . Hoopties , Food stamp Cards , Riding the bus.Salvation Army for clothes. Waiting for Food at Church. Also having Your utilities shut off for non payment. The REAL world is hard , give me the Wealth , I know about Poor !

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Thanks for your comment Terrace. What this article is merely pointing at is the ‘desire’ in everyone, the something inside that needs to be filled. And no matter what your circumstance is in life, if you let yourself be over come by negative thoughts then it’s going to be hard to get anything done. If you want external wealth Terrace then you need to find something that you can give back to the world. What is your passion, skills, what can you start learning about?

      Your amount of wealth is directly proportionate to the value you give to the world. I’ve found this extremely true, even through this site. I’ve made enough money in the last six months for a 7 weeks holiday in Europe. My mindset about it is “Is what I’m doing benefitting ATLEAST 1 person in this world?”.

  • Could you expand on how the mindset of helping others bring wealth?

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      What you put out into the world is really what you get back. T

      hink of all the wealthy people in the world – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Eckhart Tolle, Kim Kardashian etc – they all give some form of value. Kim Kardashian because she is ‘entertaining’.

      So have a mindset of “providing value” to the world. Everyone has something that they can give back to the world, and to be really good at it that “thing” has to be something that you enjoy. This is why there’s so much emphasis on passion.

  • Nice. I like that.