The Truth To Being

We are all human beings.

Not human doings, but simply to be. This implies just existence. You don’t need to get the best grades, you don’t have to go to college, you don’t need that 9-5, $70 thousand a year job, you don’t need anything.

You don’t need any of that to be happy. And that is the ultimate search, to feel good and be happy. The one thing that makes the world go around is people trying to make themselves feel good. And we’ve been taught that in order to do that we need to achieve all these things.

The truth is hidden in your being. It’s hidden in plain site. Hidden the same way that fish don’t realize the water, because it is so prevalent and persistent.

You don’t realize this because we have evolved to believe in our thoughts, to have mental constructs and beliefs about ourselves that we completely miss the target.

Who you are is just Being. Existence. To simply exist is who you are.

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