transcending fear

Transcending Fear And How To Tackle Any Challenge

transcending fear

I fear, every now and then. Or rather, fear arises when I identify with false beliefs. It comes out through me. Because remember, you are not what you think you are. You are not your thoughts, not your beliefs, not your ideals of life. All you really are is consciousness. The awareness behind every experience.

Fear exists purely in thoughts. Dangers are real, fear is not. The definition of an illusion is a false belief or idea, and that is exactly what fear is. A false belief.

When you think about the future, or regret the past, this is fear. Fear is hatred, anxiety and even shyness. If you experience these emotions, it’s because of fear.

When you hate someone, there’s something that you fear in them. They threaten your existence. If someone insults you, and you hate them, you are afraid of their beliefs, their ideals, and even their hatred for you. You fear situations which have happened in the past, which you think will happen in the future. The truth is you don’t know. Fear exists in not knowing.

Fear arises because you are identified with your thoughts, which stems from ego. From this we suffer, we become miserable.

So how do we escape all this fear, all these false beliefs and ideas?

First we must find where they reside in you.

They exist in your head, in your thoughts – which arises automatically. Thoughts are not yours, they come and go. Scientists say that the majority of our thoughts are repetitive; you have the same thoughts multiple times per day. They are a happening; they are a noise and a scatter. It’s just background static.

So we can get an understanding how fear is false. They restrict your ability to do quality actions. If you don’t know how you will pay your bills next week, fear and worry won’t help the situation. Fear arises from your repetitive thinking. They come to make us worry and suffer by our attachment to them. A thought pops up, as it will, and we grab onto it and go, “Oh no, this is something I have to think about, something I need to worry about”. This won’t solve the issue; it will only make it worse.

As Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them.” If you are trapped in a level of awareness where there is constant worrying and constant misery, then the answers to your problems are going to be hard to come by.

Your level of creativity is reduced as your mental power is distracted by fear. Your problem solving skill is limited. So if we are faced with challenging situations in life that cause fear in us, the first step is to raise your awareness.

How do we do this?

It’s more of a subtraction, a taking away of those which hold us back from finding a solution to these challenges. Our state of awareness is naturally very high, very creativity. Children are very creativity because they are yet to be conditioned, yet to fear. So understand that we just have to simply remove the things which holds us back, things that lower our awareness.

So what is holding us back?

As you’ve probably guessed, that’s fear. To find a solution to life’s challenges, we need our full mental awareness. Solutions arise when we have our full mental power focused on it – rather than lost in fear and worrying.

To step out of fear, or to reduce the mental chatter, is to step out of that mental chatter. Remove yourself from thoughts.

This may take 5 seconds, or a few minutes. Stepping out of thought is stepping into the present. The moment that exists now is all that really exists, so return your awareness to the things around you, the sensations of your body and your breath. To live in the moment is to put our awareness away from thought. Because that’s where past and future exists, in thoughts. So by simply stepping out of thought, you automatically return to the present moment.

Here are some tips to help you step out of thought and bring your awareness into the moment.

Stepping out of thought and into the present moment.

1.Become aware of your Breathing.

Feel fully the sensations of our breath going into our nose or mouth. What I try to do is to breath in both through our mouths and nose at the same time, and be aware of it fully. Do this for 10 or 20 breaths, and you’ll start to feel some distance between your awareness and your thoughts.

2. Mindful eating.

Whenever I’m eating I like to make it a mindful practice, and it is an easy way to take our awareness from thought. When you take a bite, taste the food fully. What does it taste like? What are the sensations on your mouth?  How does it smell? There are so many things to put our awareness on, that’s why mindful eating is such a good way to step out of thoughts.

3. Walking meditation.

Put all your awareness on every step that you take. Begin by standing still, and just being aware of your weight on your legs, the sensations of how this feels like, both on your thighs, your calf and your foot. When you take your first step, be aware of your feet hitting the ground, with the sole of your foot landing first followed by the rest of the feet.

4. Hyper focus on the hand.

Go straight to the hands with your focus and just feel. At first it’s tricky, as your thoughts will come in and you’ll start mentally labelling it and your mind will become involved. You may notice yourself going: “I don’t feel anything, what am I looking for?” or whatever thought may arise. The trick is to put your awareness on your hands, feel the aliveness of your fingers, your palms, and it’s interaction with the air around it.

Solutions to Challenges Will Arise

Once you step out of thought, and into the moment, you’ll start finding a deeper peace within you. Fear is gone, so naturally peace will take its place. A slight feeling of joy arises, and in this state your creativity also increases.

Now your thoughts are fresh, and thinking is renewed. No longer are you trapped in these thoughts. You become the master again; you have full control over them.

Many times after doing present moment exercises, challenges will seem trivial and problems that I once thought were bad are now no longer problems.

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments – I will answer every one!



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  • TaurusTurtle

    As always, great article. I can relate to a lot of what is said and have already practiced what was suggested.

  • Romascano

    Hello there ars spiritus writer!
    I have recently discovered your website, and I’m about to put comments on about everything I read and makes my mind wander. Here comes one.
    So for the fear, and the repetitive thoughts, I have read a comparison that you might like: It was about a conference on how to manage stress. The lady that was talking asked the audience a peculiar question: what is the weight of this glass of water? after having many suppositions, her answer was quite unexpected. She said that the weight didn’t matter, what mattered was the time that she held it. Hold it ten seconds, easy. Hold it seven hours, your arm gets more than numb, and you ask yourself why the hell you’re doing it. Try to hold it a week, and you will not manage to keep your arm up.
    Holding that glass of water is like thinking over and over your problems. Repetitive thinking. Keep thinking about it, and your thoughts will be heavy as holding a single glass of water for a week.

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      That’s an awesome metaphor Damian, thanks for commenting!

      That is very true with thoughts, and with everything else. Don’t hold onto things, let them pass through you or let them pass. The more we hold on, the more attention we give it, the bigger the issue becomes.

      It’s like that project you’ve been procrastinating to do – it seems to harder and harder everyday you don’t do it.