Things You Never Knew Existed


Here’s a list of “out-there” products found in the deep corners of the internet which claim some pretty interesting things. Have a look through and please leave a comment if you have any personal experience with them. I would love to hear your take on it.

1. Inward Harmony

When Marcey Hamm experienced a near death experience, she remembers hearing soothing and relaxing  music. She was involved in a car accident where in her own words:

All of a sudden I am hovering over my body which had hit the wind shield and blood was all over the car. I knew my body was dead in that moment. 
Then I was engulfed in this silver white cloud similar to a real dense London fog. This man’s voice said to me, “You can either come with us now, or you can go back.” I thought about my recording studio that I had just finished three days before this accident. Ten years of my life went into that studio to complete and I wasn’t ready to leave yet. This emotion immediately brought me back into my body.

She had to spend many years recovering. One day, at her studio, she suddenly was engulfed in colours and music that was beyond words. She had a vivid experience of peace and joy whilst the studio was still recording. After this experienced she saw that something had been recorded on her console. It was the same music she heard during her near death experience.

When she showed it to people who also had near death experiences, they said they heard the same music. Many others reported having miraculous healings and strange things happening.

Here are 2 interesting testimonials from people who’ve listened to it:

One man became deaf. His wife bought Inward Harmony in hopes it would help her husband. She played the music each night while they slept even though her husband couldn’t hear the music. Within fourteen months, her husband regained all his hearing. He would have been deaf for the rest of his life.

Another story is from listener who played the music in her office every day. She had a plant in her office named “Bambi”, which required frequent watering and monitoring on a log sheet. Due to a mistake caused by someone else there, she discovered from her log sheet that she hadn’t watered Bambi in 6 months. Yet all Bambi’s leaves remained fresh, not one brown leaf, and even new leaves were sprouting… as was as if it was being watered the whole time…

A 40 minute video of her work.

2. Bio Circuits


The maker of the bio circuit claims it can help you feel the energy inside your body. With it attached to your body, you can consciously experience the vibrations of particles and atoms inside your body.

It’s made from a copper wire and a pair of copper mesh. Then it gets attached to various parts of the body like hands and feet. After you lie down with it on for 30 minutes, you can start to feel a deep wave of relaxation followed by waves of vibrations.

In a double blind study conducted to test the bio-circuits relaxing abilities, all 12 subjects concluded that the bio circuit was true to its claim. Three identical but different bio circuits were used where one was the real bio-circuit, second was also real but wasn’t put on properly (attached to wrong areas), and another one was just a placebo circuit.

All 12 subjects experienced all three different types and all pointed out the real one had real relaxing effects. They also said while using the real one, they experienced better sleep, trances and dreamlike states of being.

3. Attention!

This product was accidentally discovered by a clinical psychologist. Trying to concentrate on some work, he discovered that sub harmonic frequency sounds coming in from the other room where causing him great distractions. It was completely ruining his ability to concentrate.

Fascinated by it, he decided he wanted to work on making a sound that did the exact opposite of this. What he achieved was a product called Attention!

It is played as a background sound and claims that after 2 minutes of exposure your ability to concentrate increases dramatically which can last for hours.

4. Lucid Dream Masks

remee_lucid_dream_maskDo you ever get bored while you sleep? Or just want more experience in your day even when it’s no longer day? Then lucid dreaming is what you’ve been looking for!

Lucid dreaming is becoming more and more mainstream. There are many techniques you can use for free to induce a lucid dream without buying the mask – but the team at Remee came up with this ingenious idea to help you easier experience a lucid dream.

It’s a simple mask you put it when you go to sleep which has six red blinking lights. They turn on after you’ve been sleeping for 4-5 hours, which is when you’re in deep REM sleep and when dreaming occurs. The lights then display for 15-20 seconds with 15 minutes between each signal. When the lights come on when you’re in heavy REM sleep, they start to bleed into your dreams giving you the ability to remember that you’re in a dream. You then proceed to lucid dream and have a party while you sleep. No more boring nights of sleeping. I want one.

Many of these were found at SP forums. Click through for user opinions and discussion.


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  • Andrei

    Cool info! Thank you.

    I wish you’d have posted some links or names for 3. Attention! product. If this works as advertised it could totally same my day.