The Right Method Of Meditation

Today I bring you again Osho. This time it’s his beautiful insights into meditation, and the right mindset it requires in order to achieve it. Meditation is often difficult because there is so much tension in our mind-body, and just sitting still can be difficult for some. Read the following excerpts to give yourself a general idea of the way it should be done.


“Don’t try to be passive because effort belongs to activity. Nobody can try to be passive. Then what to do? – be totally active, and then passivity comes. It follows like a shadow, it has to come. Think perfectly and then no-thinking comes. You cannot drop thinking. Nothing can be dropped which is incomplete, only the perfect can be dropped. In fact, the perfect drops itself automatically.

“Be active. The activity itself creates the situation in which passivity happens. If you have been active the whole day, totally active whatsoever you were doing – digging a hole in the garden or working in a factory or in a shop or teaching in a school. Whatsoever you are doing, do it totally, and when the evening comes and the sun sets you will have a passivity descending upon you. That passivity is beautiful, it is as beautiful as activity. Nothing to choose! Both are beautiful and both are needed.

“Don’t try to be passive. How can you try to be passive? You can sit like a buddha, but that passivity will just be skin deep. Deep down you will be in a turmoil, you will be boiling, a volcano – you can erupt at any moment. You can force the body to sit silently – how will you force the being? The being goes on and on and on. That’s why you cannot stop thinking. People sit in zazen for years, twenty years, twenty-five years, sitting for six hours, continuously just trying to make the mind silent, and it goes on working, goes on working, goes on working.

“Hence my emphasis on active meditations. That’s a balance. First, be active so totally that passivity follows automatically. When you have been active and the whole energy has moved, you would like to rest. If you have not been active, how can rest follow?”


If we are to stand and let the waters settle on their own, why all the active meditations?

“If you can sit, there is no need for meditations. In Japan, for meditation they have the word zazen. It means just sitting, doing nothing. If you can sit, not doing anything, this is the ultimate in meditations. There is no need for any other thing.

“But can you sit? There is the crux of the whole problem. Can you sit? Can you just sit, doing nothing? If that is possible just sit, do nothing – everything settles by itself, everything simply flows by itself. You are not needed to do anything. But the problem is: can you sit?”


“Move, and constantly remember the unmoving center. Do, and constantly remember the non-doer. Make effort and remain effortless. Once you know this secret alchemy of using the opposites, the contradictory, you are free; otherwise you create inner imprisonments.

“There are people who come to me and say: “How can I do this? I have never done this.” Just the other day there was somebody – he said to me: “How can I do active meditation, because I have been sitting silently for many years?”

“He has chosen, and he has reached nowhere; otherwise there was no need to come to me. But he cannot do the active meditation because he has become identified with an inactive posture. This is getting frozen.”


“Mentation alone won’t do: the body has to be brought in. That is why, in my meditation techniques, I do not take you as divided: you are one. If your mind is feeling angry, allow your body to be angry. If your mind is feeling happy, allow your body to dance. Do not create a division. Let yourself come deep down into the body, and allow the body to flow to your innermost core. Become a flow.

“You are frozen. I would like to melt you and create a flow again. That is why I insist on active meditation. By active I only mean that your body must be involved in it. If you simply sit in a buddha posture, you can go on thinking and thinking and thinking; the body is not involved in it. And the body is the world. Through the body you are related to the existence, through body you exist. Your meditation must in some way be deeply rooted in the body; otherwise it will become just a dream floating in the mind, just like clouds without any roots in the earth. I want to push you back to the earth.”


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