The Endless Cycle of Not Having Enough


In this day and age we constantly bombarded by leverage for people to feel inferior. Mass advertisement, celebrity worshipping and social norms all contribute to it. Do you have this new item? If not then you can’t yet be happy. You have to be the best to be happy!

Most people born past the 1980’s have been raised in a consuming society. BUY BUY BUY. Buy this, get that, and THEN you will be happy. As a marketing major, this is called fear based marketing. It grabs you by the cognitive limbs and forces you to fear. You’re body is consumed by fear and the only release is through the product being advertised. Is there too much cellulite on my ass? If there this then no man will like you, and you will die a lonely death. Fear based.

This leads to the feeling of inferiority.  You are not enough. You don’t have enough yet to feel good. BUY MORE. But what you find is that the good feeling, the ‘I am enough” usually lasts no more than two weeks. Got those new shoes that the sexy model was wearing on TV  Good, now you’re a sexy model too. The thinking that if the model wears it, and then you wear it, then you are also a model. There is a chance of correlation but it does not imply causation. But this is how most people think.

So now you have to look for the next thing to buy. The next car upgrade. The bigger house. The definition of what satisfies you increases the more you try to fill the hole in your chest. Most people forget this. I’m beating all of my friends with this $4 million home and they have smaller homes. I feel good. But then you make new friends and they have $20 million  homes. Now you are back to where you started. The hunt begins again.



To escape you must know this. Become aware of your conditioning. You must only not fight it and allow it, you must also be watchful of it for it to change. Most people are conditioned this way. They’ve been brought up watching advert’s on TV. It is an unconscious act to feel not enough. Become a witness to what it feels like to be inferior. Feel the feeling at first. It isn’t that bad to feel inferior. I’m not dead. My family and friends didn’t leave me. Everything is okay. You suddenly have more money to spend on worthwhile things  like exploring the world and conscious growth. Stop  spending money on things that will make you feel good for the next two weeks.

To become free of marketing you must become free of your mind. Marketing attacks your mind, your sense of who you are and the ego, which are all mental constructs.

Detach who you are from the things you buy. They are not you. They are just things. A pile of atoms. Having it doesn’t make you better or worse, that is conditioning. No one is better or worse then anyone in the eyes of nature, but in the eyes of society this is the case.

Live for yourself and don’t let things define. Stop comparing yourself to others. There will always be people better than you. You won’t ever be satisfied. Identify who you are with being. Not with your body. Not with your mind. But with the awareness in you. This is your true nature.

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