The Amazing Ego


To experience ego to me is fascinating. To develop over our lifetime something that strengthens such illusions of self is amazing in itself.

In this article I propose a new way to look at the ego, which is with astonishment. See it like a crazed man running through the street naked. No hate, no love, just pure astonishment. This way – once we make it something so different from us – we can separate it from who we are. We are not the ego, we are just pure awareness.

Since we were little, who we are, our possessions, beliefs and values have all been developing into something called the ego. It isn’t your fault, everyone has one.

See it as not a thing, but a process. The ego is a process of you. Of who you think you are. So it isn’t something that has been always there, it has been in production from the get go. Arguments, conflict, suffering, fear and greed all stem from the ego, because it is who we think we are. Once we think we know who we are, we have something to defend and fight for.

“I can’t believe he called me that, does he know who I am?”, which is commonly seen in high society, is something caused by the ego. Someone who says something like this has developed in them an idea about themselves, of some important person, someone who deserves respect.

This, however, is just an idea. A truth, but only relative to the individual, so we can say it’s just illusion. It is not an absolute truth. Whether or not you think you deserve respect is subject only to you. No one has to follow your rules, so don’t get upset about it.

So when someone gets called names, or doesn’t get treated in the way they expect to be treated, then they suffer. But it really is just an illusion. It’s all in your head, and you don’t need to suffer for it.

Suffering is the cause of all the worlds problems. We have to live in peace. Suffering separates people. You feel bad, so you react negatively to people, to things, to events. You react to the world in the way that you feel at this moment. Have you ever felt bliss, happiness and just pure joy? Nothing suddenly is wrong, the whole world is cheering for you.

But once you suffer, you feel miserable and the whole world is against you. Everything you do is wrong, and you become short sighted.

We experience the world through the state we are in. The world can be hell, and the world can be heaven. It’s one world, but many perceptions.

So lets start viewing the ego as something incredible, fascinating and just amazing – something rare that you can only experience once in a while. Maybe aliens on other worlds don’t experience it – wouldn’t that suck?

When you sense the ego arising in you, when you take insult, when you feel hurt, ashamed, embarrassed, become a presence which experiences the ego in you.

Don’t allow it to be who you are, but have a disconnect. See the ego as a process, something that causes suffering, misery; you don’t need it any more. You have broken free. The ego is no longer you.

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