A Simple Question To Ask In Tough Moments


In this article I want to share a simple question – something to ask yourself whenever you feel stuck or need some direction. Every now and then you will feel lost and out of control, and need some simple guidance to put your life back in perspective. Here’s the magic question:

“Right now, what is the smallest meaningful, possible action I can take towards the direction of my goal?”

Ask that question whenever you’re stuck in a rut, and you’ll feel inspired to do what you have to. First you have to remain still, silent in your awareness and don’t let thoughts distract you. When they distract you, an answer will come and you’ll miss it. So remain still and in the moment, and soon you’ll feel an inspired tug to do something.

It is also important to first have a brief idea of a goal or a purpose your working towards. What is your aim? Where are you going? What do you want?

To answer this, you must consider what your passionate for in life and through that will come the answer. Try to feel for what you enjoy, rather than think. What is something you could do all day and night? Something you’ll wake up excited to do? And even then, we are only talking about your major life purposes.

Even if you have a slight glimpse or a draft plan, take a minor step towards that goal, even if it’s just to past your final exams. Have an ultimate goal in mind. My major goal is  being an inspirational teacher and making millions of dollars a year, and also have small goals which will ultimately lead to those. I will start coaching small groups of people, I will read more books, I’ll take courses etc.

“Right now, what is the smallest meaningful, possible action I can take towards the direction of my goal?” That question, when mixed with a clear goal in mind, will help you slowly expand your skills and add to the success that will come later.

Keep asking the question, and answers will come. Wait for them, allow space for them to come in. Be in the present moment, and calm down the mind so you can receive the answer.



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  • Terrace W.Turner

    I really enjoyed this article .I also read the bible Habakuk 2:1 & 2:3 ” Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets , for it is for an appointed time thou it tarries wait on it ,for it will surley come”

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      thanks for reading – thats an awesome quote!