The Road To Happiness Is Long (Very Long)

Being happy is a tough task. You have all these people telling you you need to do this, do that, and then happiness will come.

You hear it on TV. Your parents tell you. Work hard, make a lot of money, live a good life. But – if you do this – then you are just a caterpillar trying to improve it’s speed. It’s useless. You can grow wings.

No one has ever achieved happiness by listening to the beliefs and values of others. No one has ever done it. They may look happy, put on a happy face, but deep inside there still is suffering. Modern society dictates that happiness and success is money. Making a lot of it. But it comes with it’s negative side, as with everything. Now people all want a piece of them, want something from them. You don’t know if people like you or just like your money. Most people like the image they are given when associating with wealthy people, with celebrities. There is no genuine interest. If shit hits the fan and you go bankrupt, do you think they’ll help you?

Doesn’t matter if you fly first class everyday, live in a mansion, you can still be miserable. The truth is those things aren’t happiness. Money isn’t happiness and doesn’t solve all your problems. It only solves your money problems. Happiness is a pattern in you, and doesn’t come from anything on the outside. You get pleasure from external things, but they are temporary and can even bring greater unhappiness later down the line. You fall in love and you get dumped. You make a lot of money but lose genuine friendships.

To be happy you have to just step back. Stop doing things as a means to an end. Make whatever you’re doing an end to itself. The road to happiness is long and endless. There is no destination. If you take the road, it means you’re travelling. You’re moving forward towards some future event which will bring happiness.

But you will find, whether now or in 30 years, that the road doesn’t end. Happiness has no destination. So rather than trying to become happy through doing things, you have to let the happiness arise up from inside of you. It’s there right now,waiting to come out. You were born with it. This pure bliss which has no opposite is dormant. It’s blocked by your conditioning. It is just as it is. Every other emotion has a ying yang, an opposing force. Happiness, unhappiness, sadness, pleasure, misery, excitement etc. But pure bliss has none.

It is the realization that you are okay now. You have everything you need right now, in this moment. Intense joy unimaginable to the human mind resides inside of you. When people take psychedelics they are taken to this realm. A realm of intense presence, where no longer are you controlled by thoughts, but a pure joy takes over that allows you to easier control your thoughts. Thoughts become secondary to existence, and no longer are you burden by worry.

Happiness is now. 

You don’t have to keep suffering. Suffering has had it’s place, and it is no longer needed. It has given you roots, and it’s now time to bloom.

Like a flower opening for the first time, in you there is also a metaphoric connection to a flowering. You too can bloom like a flower, and live in a dimension transcending all past conditioning and fear.

Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, you live in a new realm where everything is easy, peaceful and full of joy. If the caterpillar had worked harder, improved it’s strength, do things externally to try and improve it self it can only run faster. He can improve his speed. But what it fails to do is realize it’s potential. It has the ability of transformation, transcending all efforts of trying to improve itself through external means, it rests and live’s in peace, and when the time is right it grows wings and can fly.

No amount of doing and effort will make the caterpillar grow wings. Only after living with the flow of nature, with the flow of existence then it will leap onto another dimension of living.

So humans must do the same. Stop trying and doing things to make you happy. Be happy now, live with the flow of existence and soon you too will transcend onto another dimension.

The road is happiness is long. So you don’t take the road. There is no road leading there. It isn’t a destination.

You are already there.

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  • TaurusTurtle

    Great article, arsspiritus never lets me down when I need to “hear” something. Thank you.

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Thanks for reading 🙂