psychedelics and self improvement

Psychedelics and Self Improvement

Psychedelics and Self Improvement

Psychedelics have always been seen as the face of unruliness and drug addiction. In ancient traditions all over the world, psychedelics have been the bridge into the world of spirit, the world of the unknown. In modern times, we see it as disruptive to the mainstream way of life. This makes sense as what psychedelics are trying to do is remind you that you don’t have to follow the rules of society, that happiness and the ability to feel good isn’t necessarily achieved through ways you’ve been taught. They can easily be achieved through conscious living and following your passion – which negates the “mainstream” view of how life should be lived in every way.

Self Improvement happens when you are conscious of your actions – where you find the weak spots in your psyche and fixing them.  Psychedelics help you do this. Throughout this article I will show you evidence for how psychedelics can help you in self improvement and lead to self-actualization.


A study was conducted over 8 years of psychiatric clinical and research work by Lester Grinspoon and James Bakalar on the affects of psychedelics on personal growth. After the study, they said:

“We came to the conclusion that psychedelic drugs have influenced both the lives of individual users and society in general more than is usually acknowledged—sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically.”

Personal studies were taken where Grinspoon and Bakalar had the opportunity to meet, interview and study a variety of people who matched their characteristics. These people were usually the top in their related disciplines. The most common thing they found was that psychedelics had played a crucial role in helping the subjects rise up through their respective fields and achieve great success.

These kinds of attributions are rarely discussed as this is a common case of “plurality ignorance” – a situation where someone thinks they’re the only one doing something, therefore won’t talk about it as no they think one will understand. Additionally, psychedelic use carries a lot of negative connotations and can be held back when speaking and sharing information.

The Results

Many of the subjects has had multiple psychedelic experiences. Three fifths of the subjects said that the psychedelic experiences that they had were crucial in sparking their interest in their consciousness disciplines and showing the way to their successful careers. Another subject was used in an LSD study in the sixties where he was given LSD for the first time. He said that he had a deep religious experience, which awoken something and affirmed previous interests and values. He was then inspired to return to school to study these interests.  The main theme between all the subjects was that these psychedelic experiences contributed to their growth.

 How Psychedelics Aid in Personal Development

Simply put, psychedelics gives us a glimpse of the many realms of experience, modes of self, and states of consciousness which can’t be grasped in normal states of experience. They remind us that allow our conditioning and beliefs are malleable and you can choose the most empowering ones. After a psychedelic experience our belief system becomes expanded and leads to a  loosening of our rigid and dogmatic views.

It was also found that psychedelic experiences can also  provide a guide or a vision for the next direction in your life. These experiences can temporary weaken or sometimes even clear harmful beliefs and allow us to become more expanded in all areas. We come to an understanding that the brain can be trained to suit us in all areas of life.


Psychedelics also give us a glimpse into all the possibilities of our experience which we aren’t aware off. The ecstatic feeling that we attain from these drugs makes us whether these states of being are achievable naturally – and ingrains in you a motivation to live life to its fullest potential where you can then go on and achieve these states.

My first LSD trip provided me with an intense experience of love, compassion and simply ‘being’. I was reminded that these are all natural and achievable states – and through going on the path of self improvement and conscious growth you can experience the most joy, ease, excitement and happiness in your day to day life. This sparked in me a greater interest in the fields of self improvement and personal development, and built an urge in me to give back to society and bring people along for the ride of becoming the best.


If you have had any positive experiences with psychedelics please feel free to share how they have benefited you. I want to mention also  that you should be careful in terms of your own relationship with psychedelics. In the right kind of conditions and the right state of mind psychedelics are 100 per cent safe with  zero side effects. If you have had psychological issues and mental instability you should be careful as it can lead to serious problems.

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  • Colleen

    I am a 59 year old woman who hadn’t used any psychedelics since my early 20’s, but for the past couple of years the idea to use them kept popping into my head. Then after listening to Terrance McKenna and Graham Hancock it confirmed that this is what I should do..sort of a quick path to my higher self. I researched everything from Morning Glory seeds to Ayahuasca and decided on psylicibin cubensis. Terrance calls the mushroom the link to ET’s and it is that, but so much more!
    It allowed me to see the matrix and communicate with Source who told me of my purpose here, my true heritage, what I needed to do to optimize the human vessel, how to activate all the DNA and showed me my true form which I now realize has always been connected and guided by the Creator. Every thought and idea that I believed were my own have been implanted to guide me towards my completion. This experience has helped me repair wrongs done unknowingly and that which was weighing down my soul.
    It was such an awesome experience and one that I will repeat often, as more insight and knowledge are gained with each “trip”.
    No wonder they made it illegal.. if everyone was made aware through the use of, their control would be made null and void!

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Thanks for that story Colleen, very inspiring!

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      If you have any time I’d love to listen to a full story of your experience and even host it on this site. People are always interested in what can help improve their lives.