Plunge Into Reality


Many people see spirituality as an airy-fairy way of escaping from reality. “You are deluding yourself”, I have heard many times, “by trying to be happy when there are so many terrible things happening in the world.”

Global warming, the Arab uprisings, starving children in Africa and a host of other things are common things that gets brought up when you try to tell them to live a positive life. They retort back that it’s hard to be happy in such a chaotic world, and if anyone is happy then they’re in deep delusion.

This directly applies also on a more domestic level. You may think that whatever is happening in your life now and how you feel about them are directly linked. If bad things are happening in your life, then you have to feel bad about it. This is deep conditioning on many different levels. This is how we are brought up. Our parents do it, society does it, so it must be normal. Everyone has to do it and there’s no other way.

It is also instinctive, in built through evolution. It is the way our body reacts naturally to the threats of the environment. We say we have surpassed animal tendencies, but only on certain level.With a higher level of self awareness and intelligence, humans have the ability to disconnect with our animalistic tendencies and allow us to be the master of the body and our emotions, rather than succumb to the impulses engrained by evolution.

Once you have mastered this, no matter what happens in your external world, your state of being won’t be rocked. You can remain calm and peaceful in times of chaos and panic. We automatically rise to a higher level state of thinking, where creativity and knowledge comes to us instantly.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ― Albert Einstein

Disassociate circumstance with your state of Being

The confusion arises when people associate understanding reality with a representation of that reality within us. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Let me give you an example.

So many times in my life, whenever a challenge arises the worst way I’ve dealt with it is through stress. For example, in early 2011, I crashed my car for the first time. I was stressed out and worried about it, how much it’ll cost, how my parents will get angry at me, and everything bad that could have come out of it. I was incredibly stressed out about it, and it showed. I didn’t tell my parents, I didn’t try to seek help, I just stressed and worried all the time.

What did that do? It caused me to wither into a mental corner and not take any action. I had fear in me, and with fear there is inaction. Scared of what to do next. Scared of what I will do will cause me more harm. What would have happened if I had learnt about emotional control and living in the moment?

I had knew about this stuff then, I would have taken it differently. Through a higher state of thinking, I could have had the confidence to tell my parents, call up the auto mechanics, find out how much it would cost, and follow through with the repairs and get it over and done with. My car was inactive for over 3 months, when it could have been fixed in a couple of weeks.

This is just a minor example of how no matter the circumstances of your life, worrying about it isn’t the way. Many of you I’m sure already know this, but when shit hits the fan our mind goes into a reactive mode and we forget all about it. We forget how to live in the moment in times of crisis. What people don’t realize is that those are the best times to go to your core and find the balance in there. Don’t let stress or worry take over.

Those emotions will arise, and they will try to take control of you, but become the pure awareness for that emotion and it will transmute. I don’t really know where it goes, and how that emotion suddenly dissipates, but it works. My theory is that our emotions simply just want to pass through the body. Through chemical reactions it produces a feeling inside our body, and if we repress those feelings then those same chemical reactions will happen again and even more intensely.  What most people do when a negative emotion arises is that they repress and keep it in for later. It isn’t released, it is dormant somewhere in your subconscious.

When that same circumstance comes again, that same reaction comes out of dormancy and affects you even more. That’s why we get angry and fed up with things when they keep happening. I’m sure this process also applies to other emotions other than anger.

Experience life to the fullest

To truly live life to the fullest, and face the reality of  it all is to be in a state of inner peace. To live in a state of inner calmness, means that your mind isn’t taking you away from the present moment. And to live in the present moment is truly the only way of facing reality. Everything that comes up in life, you are face to face with it. You’re not lost worried about the phone bill, you take in the experience fully of having to pay your bill. And if you can’t pay the bill, then that is also another experience which the present moment will help you deal with.

Become the awareness of everything in life. This way, when emotions arise and you become just pure awareness for them to exist, then they pass right through your body. When you allow negative emotions to flow through your body, you will find that something more peaceful resides underneath. This is consciousness, and the experience of consciousness is the most blissful and exciting thing you can experience. Through consciousness comes motivation, inspiration, love, creativity, compassion and all these tools you can use to face your daily challenges.

Don’t do things through fear

It is confusing to understand how always feeling positive and looking on the bright side of things will help you solve your problems? Doesn’t that sound new age and woo woo?

It may be close to new-age, but I’ve found through personal experience that it works. I don’t care if it’s new age or old school, or a cat wrote it, it works. Live life through experience, try it out, what have you got to lose?

There are two ways in which people deal with things. Some people have been conditioned their whole life to deal with problems through fear. Fear pushes you to action. For many people, and even sometimes I find within myself, this is true. Fear can cause you to take action.

A  question I want to ask you however, is that if you are doing something out of fear, then why are you doing it at all?

I believe that anything that must be done through fear is leading you to a life you don’t want. You may get whatever it is that you want, but it won’t bring you peace and a state of well being. That hole in your chest will still be there. Out of fear we do things in order to survive, and in a society where survival is almost guaranteed to around 70 – 80 years, it has become redundant. It causes us to live a life designed for cave men days. A life where our animalistic tendencies are free to roam.

Hopefully this article has shown you a new way of living. A less reactive way, a way where whatever challenge arises in your life, you return your awareness to your emotions and your being and become unfazed by the problem. From that state you can then go on and find more creative and intelligent ways in dealing with challenges and circumstances.

Be less concerned about the outside world, and focus more on your state of being.




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