physiology and success

Physiology and Success

physiologyAn interesting part of the cybernetic loop is the relationship between the mind and the body. Conventional thinking echoes the fact that our body reflects what we’re thinking and feeling in our minds. For example, if we were to look at someone who is happy we can see that their pupils are a bit larger, they’re standing in a very relaxed manner, their skin shows no tension and their head is held high. If we were to ask what they’re thinking they might say that they’re having a good day and what their excited about later on. They might even go as far as to talk about their future plans – mainly focusing on the positive. The momentum of their happiness doesn’t allow in any negative thinking, or if there are any, all the negativity are seen from a different light.

If we were to look for the source of this happiness, we not only have to listen to what they are saying but also their physiology – their body language and any micro expressions. It is incomplete to just study their state of mind – we must learn how to manipulate our emotions and feelings through adjusting the way we express our self physically. Our physiology contributes heavily to our state of being and our feelings, and this is a prime example of the cybernetic loop at work. Here we can see the link between physiology and success not only mentally but also in the real world – stemming from the idea that our feelings and thoughts lead to action.

There is a preconception that the way we feel is what leads to the way we present ourselves; our head position, our shoulder positions and the look of our eyes. However, all of our physical expressions directly relate to the way you feel. Our mind and body connection acts like a two way street and both directly affect each other equally.


Try the following exercise to see our physiology affects our psychology. In this exercise you will first experience a bad state of mind with a bad state of physiology. Then we will do this again but with a more positive physiology and you’ll notice the difference.

  • Slump your shoulders down, lower your eyes and hang your head down low. Take in shallow and light breaths with your back slightly arched forward. Now in your mind picture all the negative experiences you’ve had lately – with the public, your family member or any one that has caused you to feel bad. Walk around shuffling your feet and talk to yourself in a sombre tone. Doesn’t feel too good, right?
  • Now empty your mind by focusing your awareness on your breath. Concentrate on each breath that you take in, and imagine all those negative feelings flowing out through your breath. Do that for a minute or until you feel more joyful and no longer stuck in previous thoughts.
  • Now stand up tall, have your shoulders up high, your head and neck up high, your eyes open wide with a confident glare – basically act like you’re the king or a CEO of a company. Take a few deep breaths; hold the air in for 10 seconds and release. Now walk around with a little bounce/stride, light on your feet and moving swiftly through your surroundings.
  • Now whilst still acting like you are in step three, try to fill your mind with the same thoughts and feelings as you did in step one, but with your new physiology. You’ll find that it’s almost impossible to feel any negativity or bad feelings. Your physiology is tricking your mind into thinking that everything is okay, and there is no need to feel bad.

Our physiology has more power over the feelings and emotions than negative thinking. The outer expression is more conducive to our natural state and how things really are, so your body thinks that things really are that way even If the scenario you’re in isn’t. So when you’re feeling down, sad or anxious about something think how your body would look like even you were feeling the opposite and do it.

If at the next job interview or meeting you don’t feel confident or that you can pull it off -start acting like someone who already has the job and has been one of the best workers there. Express your body like someone who owns the company and you’ll naturally appear more confident. This is the true secret to physiology and success.

TED video

Below is an excellent video on this subject . It discusses the relationship between body language and how we see ourselves. I highly recommend it.

[ted id=1569]



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