overcoming ego

Overcoming Ego – Top 2 Methods

Being present

The bulk of most people’s thinking is involuntary, automatic and repetitive. It is simply mental static with no real purpose. But you can only come to terms with this once you experience thoughtlessness and when you lose your identification with the mind. The blissful feeling of being arises and this is when you truly understand this concept. Thinking is a by-product of being human – we breath, digest and think. It can’t be stopped.

However, we can take a step back from the constant chatter of mind by aligning ourselves with the present moment. By being present and projecting your awareness away from mind, which is to say to become aware, thoughts lose their power over you.  The mind is conditioned by the past and the future, and is never present. Since most people are identified with the past they are forced to repeat it again and again, and this is karma – the subconscious identification with your conditioning.

Humanity has been increasingly possessed by the mind without realizing that this mind possession isn’t who they are. Our identification with thoughts allows ego to arise – the false self. You are not your ego. The film Fight Club is true in its saying that we are not our possessions; our cars, the money we have in the bank nor the house we have.

When you identify with ego you think that all these things make up who you are – and you live a life in response to all these external possessions. Who you are, the way you act, the way you walk, the way you interact with other people is based upon these things.[pullquote]”Remove the Ego and Avidya (Ignorance) is gone. Look for it, the ego vanishes and the real Self alone remains.” – Ramana Maharshi[/pullquote]We are constantly reminded by society and the media that we are what we own – that we have to make it in life to be happy and at peace. We are bombarded by feelings of not having enough – that we need to buy the next thing to constantly feel good. In truth the state of bliss can only truly be experienced internally – nothing can make it happen for you but yourself. You’re deepest beliefs and values are blocking you from reaching this state.

We must learn to unidentify with the mental ego – to disengage the obsession with the “I” so the world can act as a cohesive unit. When there is a lessening of the obsession with whom you are working together for the benefit of all becomes a reality – no more greed, anger or fear.

Top 2 Methods to Overcome Ego

1. Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and continues to be widely practiced today. The benefit one receives from this practice is unrivalled. Meditation is the ultimate form of separating oneself from the ego – by being outside of the relentless stream of chatter. Any form of meditation is beneficial – even just for a few moments a day to remind us of the blissful consciousness that we always have access to. A simply technique you can use right now is conscious breathing. When the mind chatter intensifies becomes aware of your breath. Take in a deep breath and feel the stream of air filling up your lungs, visualising a stream of positive energy entering your body. Concentrate on the feelings of the breath, how it hits your through, how cool it is, how life-giving it is. Do the same when you breathe out and repeat for 5 breaths. You should feel a peaceful state becoming present in you. This is you true nature.

2. Being Present

The power of the present moment can allow you to disconnect with the mind. Like meditation, your thoughts are no longer the focal point of your awareness. By disconnecting from thought you disconnect from Ego. You are no longer identified with the constant chatter of mind. This is reconnecting with your true self. The outside world comes alive as you are no longer judging and commentating on everything – you just let things be as they are. [pullquote align=”right”]“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” – Eckhart Tolle[/pullquote]

Use these two simple techniques regularly. You will improve the more you do it and it becomes easier and easier each time. The world will become more alive; food will taste better, chirping of birds are more peaceful, the air more impressive.


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