Osho – The Best Way To Meditate

best way to meditation

One of the greatest tools to live a well balanced life is meditation. It keeps your mind in a state of balance, whereby you are void of all thoughts. It allows your consciousness to become fully focused on what you intend to create. It brings you to a state of mental equilibrium – where from this state you have more motivation and enthusiasm to follow whatever your passion is without doubt, distraction and fear. One of the greatest teachers on this subject is Osho, who answers a question on the best way to meditate.

Osho On the Best way to Meditate

Question : What is the right way to Meditate?

Osho : The first and primary work is to clean your interior being of all thoughts. There is no question of choosing to keep the good thoughts in and to throw the bad thoughts out. For a meditator, all thoughts are simply junk; there is no question of good and bad. They all occupy the space inside you, and because of their occupation, your inner being cannot become absolutely silent. So good thoughts are as bad as bad thoughts; don’t make any discrimination between them. Throw the baby out with the bath water!

osho on meditationMeditation needs absolute quiet, a silence so deep that nothing stirs within you. Once you understand exactly what meditation means, it is not difficult to attain it. It is our birthright; we are absolutely capable of having it. But you cannot have both: the mind and meditation. Mind is a disturbance. Mind is nothing but a normal madness. You have to go beyond the mind into a space where no thought has ever entered, where no imagination functions, where no dream arises, where you simply are — just a nobody.

It is more an understanding than a discipline. It is not that you have to do much; on the contrary, you don’t have to do anything except clearly understand what meditation is. That very understanding will stop the functioning of the mind. That understanding is almost like a master before whom the servants stop quarrelling with each other, or even talking with each other; suddenly the master enters the house and there is silence. All the servants start being busy — at least looking like they are busy.

Just a moment before, they were all quarrelling and fighting and discussing, and nobody was doing anything. Understanding what meditation is, is inviting the master in. Mind is a servant. The moment the master comes in with all its silence, with all its joy, suddenly the mind falls into absolute silence. Once you have achieved a meditative space, enlightenment is only a question of time. You cannot force it. You have to be just a waiting, an intense waiting, with a great longing — almost like thirst, hunger, not a word ….

It is like the experience of people who have sometimes got lost in a desert. At first, thirst is a word in their mind: “I am feeling thirsty and I am looking for water.” But as time goes on, and there is no sign of any oasis — and as far as the eyes can see, there is no possibility of finding water — the thirst goes on spreading all over the body. From the mind, from just a word, `thirst’, it starts spreading to every cell and fiber of the body. Now it is no longer a word, it is an actual experience.

Your every cell — and there are seven million cells in the body — is thirsty. Those cells don’t know words, they don’t know language, but they know that they need water; otherwise life is going to be finished. In meditation, the longing becomes just a thirst for enlightenment and a patient awaiting; because it is such a great phenomenon and you are so tiny. Your hands cannot reach it; it is not within your reach. It will come and overwhelm you but you cannot do anything to bring it down to you.

You are too small; your energies are too small. But whenever you are really waiting with patience and longing and passion, it comes. In the right moment, it comes. It has always come.


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