Origins of Fear


One of the biggest problems facing humanity is fear; fear of not being successful, fear of war and violence, fear of losing all your money, fear of not being healthy enough etc. All these are very common ways fear is expressed in our society. It is supported by the media, constantly telling you about things that aren’t right. There’s war and violence here and here, there’s this product you need to be healthy, you might have this problem etc. are common messages transmitted to you DAILY. What this does to your consciousness is to keep reaffirming to you that fear is very real, and you should be scared.

Fear isn’t necessarily synonymous with danger. When danger arises – you tend to think fear also arises. But fear is such an automatic response that in circumstances where there is no danger – fear will arise anyway. What is the cause?

It all comes down to ego. There’s nothing wrong with your ego, it’s there, and you can’t get rid of it. Don’t resist it. Let it be. Just simply understand that you are not the ego. Transcend ego.

Fear is simply your identification with the ego. The “I” of your story. Your name may be William, and you drove a certain car and have a certain house and have this particular identify. This is the base of your ego. You identify put labels on yourself and define it as “so” and “so”. When someone attacks or questions this definition, your ego “William” feels like it’s being attacked. The attacked is the ego, not who you are. Who you are doesn’t really exist. All that you are now is the actions you choose to have now. You might be a famous soccer player, so who you are is this soccer player and when people talk down on soccer you get defensive, because that’s who you are. This is the essence of fear of not living authentically.

People will attack who you are, and this will make you feel bad. So you fear speaking out, you fear expressing yourself. But unidentify yourself with the ego, and identify who you are as the awareness behind all experiences, then opinions don’t really affect you. They’re not attacking YOU, they’re attack your ego.

“As long as you are identified with your mind, the ego runs your life. Because of its phantom nature, and despite elaborate defence mechanisms, the ego is very vulnerable and insecure, and it sees itself as constantly under threat.” – Eckhart Tolle

Make an effort of this. Meditate and feel the aliveness of your being, right now, not the construct you’ve made up. Who you are is a construct. Fear arises from definitions and beliefs we have about how things ought to be. Become free of your ego and become free of fear.

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