How To Look At Your Watch


Have you ever looked at your watch and still not know what time it is? Where were you when you looked at the watch? What do you call that thing that looks at your watch?

The looker, who you really are, is your awareness, where you choose to put your attention. It is the ‘attention’, the focal point of all your experience.

So where were you when you looked at your watch? Your awareness when you looked at the watch was lost in thoughts, whether you’re thinking of positive or negative things. You didn’t notice the time because even though your eyes were looking straight at it, your awareness was focused somewhere else. It was lost in thoughts, and the constant noise that it is. This is what some people commonly say as ‘being in your head’. In every endeavour you choose to take, if you are in your head then you are losing quality. The thing that you do, without your full attention, will lack quality.

I remember I had an exam in my early High School days where I was lost completely in thought. It had to do with a lack of sleep the previous night, stress and not enough preperation for the exam itself. All these things, when combined with a thought that is constantly worrying about whether or not I’ll fail put me in my head. Every time I read a question I would have to go over it three or four times before I got the gist of what they were trying to ask. I was looking at the questions, my eyes could see them, but my attention was somewhere else so I didn’t pick up these questions.

Now if I did that exam with my full focus and attention, not worrying about whether or not I’ve failed, or being angry at myself for not doing much preperation then I would have done that exam a lot better.

It’s kind of like a self fulfilling prophecy. I was worried and in my head about failing the exam, and as a result I lacked focus and attention that would have gotten me a better mark.

This is why it’s crucial to be here now, in the moment, Every single moment.

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