Jedi Life Hack Series

Jedi Life Hacks Series – # 1

Jedi Life Hack SeriesGood afternoon Ars Spiritians!

I’ve decided that I would start a series of the best life hacks out there. Whether it’s psychological, physical, or just ways to do things in a more successful manner, I will add them. These will be kept short and straight to the point. If there’s an explanation needed then of course I will include them, but a lot of these will just act as like an epiphany to you.

I’ll post one up pretty regularly, so make sure to keep checking back. If you want regularly updates of my posts, just click either on the RSS or Email Symbol to your right and stay updated. I hope you enjoy these, and if you have any please feel free to send them my way so I can share it around. Thanks!

To start off the first post, I will give you 3 life hacks. I can’t guarantee anything, but after enough of these you’ll become Yoda.

Jedi Life Hacks 1 – 3



Now I don’t want you to get the impression that this is manipulation, because it’s not. Like any tool, it can be used in a good or a bad way, depending on what your intentions are.

If you want to get someone to do something they don’t want to do, give them a choice between doing it two different ways. Make sure one way is easy, one way is hard. This way, it makes them feel like they’re still in charge, even though you’re the one telling them what to do. People don’t like to jump through hoops without having a choice in which hoop to jump through.

Lets say for example you have kids, or are babysit. If you ask them straight out, sometimes they don’t want to do it. But if you give them a choice, and say, “Do you want to brush your teeth in the kitchen, or in the bathroom?” then they feel like they still have some control of what they’re doing.


I picked this up from reading How To Win Friends and Influence People. This isn’t so much of a hack, but a little tip that no one really knows, but it makes so much difference in your relations with people.

When you hear your name called out, doesn’t it just sound nice? And sometimes you’ll meet someone who’ll use your name every time they talk or mention you. It makes you like them more because it gives the impression that they’re genuine and caring, and adds brownie points to your survival (comes from back in our ape days).

Also, your name is part of your core identity, and there’s a story around it. So your name simply validates your story, or your existence. You are more than just another person, you have a name.


In any conversation – the ability to be comfortable with silence is important. Learn how to get comfortable with pauses, and control that urge to always fill in the gap.

This lets the other person try and fill the gap, if they start feeling uncomfortable. This will make you seem like you’ve got your shit together. This helps during this such as business deals as it makes the other person see you as if you know what you’re doing and competent in your job.

Additionally, if you’re being sold something, the silence will really test how sure the salesperson know what they are talking about.


That’s it for the first post, I hope you enjoyed reading it and will make good use of these tips. Keep checking back for more, as this is just the first out of hundreds to come, or you subscribe to uysby clicking the Rss/Email symbols to your right. This is automatically update you on new articles. Thanks for reading!

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