Jedi Life Hack Series – # 2


Hey Ars Spiritians!

If you haven’t already, check out my first article in the series here. This is a series which covers various tips and tricks on how to make your life that much more awesome. From psychological hacks to general everyday living tips, we give you some of the top tips I’ve personally used to influence the world around me.

I’ve continued with the same method of three tips, continuing on from the last post.

 Jedi Mind Hacks 4 – 6


This trick is one I recently read about in Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. He talks about relativity, and how this applies in psychology. People compare things and judge them in terms of comparison, and how it relates to others. We tend to use comparison as a means to gauge the importance of something or someone.

An obvious example would be wealth, and the status of someone is relative to the status of other members in that society. The value of the person is based on the value of other people. The founder of, Jim young, had a Porsche but decided to downgrade to a Toyota Prius, even though he made more money. When asked about this by a reporter, he said that he felt like it was a cycle. After buying the porsche, he wanted a faster porsche. He said that “when you buy a porsche, you’ll want a ferrari, then you’ll want a lamborghini”.

This relativity works the same way with attractiveness. The comparison is between the similar attributes of the person –  as this emphasises those points. So when you go out, take someone who has similar traits as you, but slight less attractive. This will make you seemingly more attractive to people, as they are basing your appearance in comparison to your friend whose slightly less attractive then you.


Some of you may have heard of the opposite of this, where you offer somewhere a really large request, but then you lower it down to the request you had wanted anyway. This tip is the opposite of that, where you start with small requests and get the person committed to you.

Once someone has committed to helping you, or agreed to help you do something then they are more likely to agree to bigger requests. This has been shown in marketing, whereby a customer who is more committed will be more likely to buy something.

For example, if you want someone to help clean out your garage, you may get them to help you move a few things. Once that’s done,  offer them some form of incentive that will give them a reason to help you. It doesn’t have to be that big, something like you’ll buy them lunch. Even though lunch will cost around $10, that’s an excellent price to pay to get your garage all cleaned up.

This can be applied to many other areas in life, and especially in business. Get a customer to start trying some of your products, even give it to them for free. Once they’ve started using your stuff and feel more committed to your brand, then they will likely start to use your other products.

A good tip I’ve heard to get more people to buy your products is to give out some of your best stuff for free. People will become committed to your brand, see that you give out really good things for free so the paid products must be even better.


I don’t want this to seem manipulative, as it really isn’t. Have you ever had a conversation with a clearly distressed person but they seem to be holding a lot of the stuff back? You can tell that a lot of what they are saying are just sugar coatings of how they’re really feeling. It can get frustrating at times when you want to help someone out, or help them solve their problems, but they just don’t want to let you know about them.

This problem arises because people don’t feel like they “connect” with you. You seem like someone who doesn’t really care, or just someone who they don’t feel comfortable telling yet. So how do you get someone comfortable with you?

This comes from what is known as reflective listening, and it’s a great way to make someone to feel a connection with you. This will make them more open and expressive, and are easier to be influenced by what you tell them to. It is simply just you paraphrasing everything that they say and repeating it back to them. It is commonly used by therapists to make the clients be more open and disclose more emotion, and to have a better connection with the therapist.


That’s it for the second part of this series! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and keep checking in for more articles.

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  • Hahahaha I can’t believe you’re suggesting to go out with less attractive people. That’s cruel.

    In terms of connecting with people, I usually just say the truth. I will say something like, “Look I know something is bothering you. I want to hear it. I don’t care if you whine and do this or that. Take it all out. I want to listen”

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Good point Seb – direct and straight to the truth is the fastest rout to getting what you want.