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How to Stop Your Dependency On Weed

images (6)If you’re reading this you’ve probably realised you have some form of dependency on marijuana, if not, then you’re probably in denial. If you’ve been smoking for a certain period of time consistently, you will start to form a lifestyle around it. The addiction is mental and most people become dependent only after smoking it everyday over a long period of time. Many people depend on pot for relaxation and socialisation, and also because you’re young and bored. A lot of people rely on pot for solving their issues, when life gets tough the easy way out for them is smoking. This doesn’t end the problem, only postponing it for future self to worry about.

Negative Effects of Dependency

Dependency on weed can be damaging physically, mentally and financially.

  1. Your health declines as you won’t have the motivation to exercise
  2. Munchies leads to indulgence in fast, unhealthy and non-nutritious foods
  3. Everyday activities have less excitement unless you’re high
  4. Many people mix pot with tobacco, causing lung and throat problems
  5. Sleeping is impossible unless you’re high
  6. A very expensive, wallet draining habit
Stopping Dependency

Luckily , stopping your dependency of weed is relatively simple – however, you will need a lot of discipline and determination. Half of the battle is simply waiting and understanding that the only way to get over it is through time. The first few days are the hardest – you won’t know what to do, life becomes dull and nothing you do will be exciting. Keep in mind that this is the withdrawal affects of THC. Sleep may seem like torture, but learn to use meditation techniques to help you fall asleep. If worse comes to worse, you can resort to a glass or two of wine or beer to help take the edge off. After a few days, when sleeping becomes easier, drop the alcohol. Exercising will also help you sleep as you will feel more tired after a long run or a session on the weights.

At first you will feel like life is an endless bore without weed, nothing is exciting and food is tasteless. Know that this is temporary and force yourself to eat at the right intervals. After a week, life returns to normal and your neurotransmitters start working properly. After a few weeks, you stop having mental cravings and completely stop thinking about it every minute. Keep yourself distracted; get out of the house, do activities that don’t associate you with weed and socialise  more.

Once you have the occasional smoke, you get a much stronger high, and you won’t have to start the next day with  a joint or a cone. No longer is your life controlled by pot and suddenly smoking becomes enjoyable again. If you  love your weed, don’t let  it control you.



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