Grateful for Existence


You may or not have heard about how gratitude and wealth are essentially the same. If you are deeply grateful in your life you will feel wealthy, because Isn’t that how wealthy people would feel?

A lot of wealthy people don’t feel wealthy however. Why is that? It’s because they are trapped in ego, which is to be in a constant state of wanting, more and more, and there’s never enough to satisfy this hunger. If they make a million dollars, then they’ll want 10 million. The cycle goes on infitinitely.

The only way to break the cycle is to be grateful now for what you have. Don’t let financial wealth be the measure of your success. The gratefulness and joy that wealthy people feel is the same gratefulness that someone who may not have as much feel.

Phase’s of Gratitude

The traditional things that people are most grateful for are usually cars, a house, food to eat, kids, wealth etc. This is one way of being grateful and it can be helpful. But it can be helpful only as a catalyst into a deeper phase of gratitude.

The lower phase is to be grateful for external and material things, as mentioned above. A higher phase of gratitude focuses on the core essentials of existence itself, the ability to be here and experience this wonderful manifestation of the world. The universe itself has evolved eyes and brains and have the ability to see itself. That is us. And the chance that you are now alive, and being able to experience the world, is absolutely phenomenal.

This kind of gratitude is the best way, and brings about a deeper joy and detachment from material things. You see life as a game.In this phase you are grateful for things such as existence itself, in both good and bad ways. What ever situation arises, you accept and experience it fully. There is no blocking anything off, or repressing emotions. When deep pain and suffering arises, you experience it as much as you can.

See it with a sense of detachment that this is just an astonishing game of life. Even great loss and suffering are great experiences to have. Be grateful for them.

The Purpose Of Gratitude

The reason that you should practice  gratitude is because it brings to your life a deeper joy. You are grateful for being alive, for every experience.

It also detaches you from objects, as you no longer require joy from buying things and adding it to your life. You’ll spend more money on importing things, rather than shiny things to improve your sense of self and esteem. Those kind of pleasures really only last no longer then a month. You buy a new expensive watch and you feel fantastic for a few weeks, then you want another one.

The path to deep joy is gratitude. It arises from something deeper inside of you, and doesn’t require a trigger from external events. It’s simply to practice gratefulness, and to experience everything with awe.

Here’s an abstract from a study done on gratitude and it’s relationship with subjective well being (SWB):

Four studies were conducted evaluating the reliability and validity of the Gratitude Resentment and Appreciation Test (GRAT), a measure of dispositional gratitude. This measure was shown to release positively to various measures of SWB. In two experiment, it was shown that grateful thing king improved mood, and results also supported the predictive validity of the GRAT. These studies support the theory that gratitude is an affecting trait important to subjective well being (which is essentially happiness).

This study shows that gratefulness will improve your well being and level of happiness, which will lead to all kind of success. Your relationships with people will improve, and life will be more blissful.

So start now and be grateful for being alive.

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  • TaurusTurtle

    Great article. At this point in my life I’m at the higher phase of gratitude. Material things mean less to e than what they were worth five years ago. It feels good to not desire material things and I’m thankful for that fact alone.

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Thanks for reading!