Girls Only Want Boyfriends Who Have Great Skills


Some of you may have seen a movie called Napoleon Dynamite, one of the funniest movies of all time. Halfway into the movie the  main character says to his best friend that no girl would ever want him as he doesn’t have any great skills. In this article I will teach you how to have great skills – maybe not to get a girl but for you to live a skillful life.

Do you sometimes feel like you have no talents and this is the reason to why you’re miserable?

You’re not a lone.  Your social conditioning has deeply  influenced you that happiness is being successful. This is the reason that many people feel depressed – there’s no prospects for the future. The everyone else is talented except me syndrome.

Well that’s not true, most of the talented people had to start somewhere. When you’re 5 you don’t beat yourself up for not being able to read properly nor have thoughts of never being able to read. Now you can read a book in a day.

Where to begin? Ask yourself a few questions.

tickWhat is your passion?

tickWhat would you do if money was no object?

tickWhat would you do if you had zero chance of failure?

tickHow can what you want to do benefit the world?

When something you choose to do has an essence of contribution to society you feel more motivated to do it. Maybe this is the positive sense of self ego at play – but the end result will ultimately benefit society. When something you do helps other people, other people will help you.

To become a master at something takes time. The road to mastery isn’t linear – it goes up and down.

The good news is this – throw some hours of repetition at anything and you’ll get good. Its impossible to spend so much time doing something and not improve. This is the truth. Knowing this now you have a different perspective on passionate doing. When you love to do something for the sake of it – you will become really really good. You are doing it for the sake of just doing it. It gives you kicks. When you do something you don’t enjoy the difference is that you’re level of improvement is a lot slower; you don’t feel motivated to do it, you do it with less effort etc.

Ultimately you don’t feel miserable when you have no talents – you feel miserable because you’re not spending any time becoming talented. You’re plagued both by the lack of skill and the lack of effort in trying to get a skill.

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