Feel Good Now – The Magic Of Hand Awareness


You can get to that happy state now. It is important that you are constantly doing exercises to bring joy in through your body. To feel deep peace always means to live in surrender, live in the present moment and allow the external world to play out how it wants.

Don’t worry about the external world.

Worry only about your state of being, within. How do you feel now?

It is important to be conscious of your state of being, your level of consciousness. Allow the movements of form to be as they are, and have no inner resistance to what is. Your life may be in turmoil right now, and you may not know how to deal with it, but the main thing you can control is your level of awareness.

Simple exercise 

Here’s a simple exercise to do when challenges arise in your life. When it happens, you must take your awareness away from your thoughts, through present moment awareness practices and bring yourself back into the moment. Become aware of your breathing, or your hands, and legs.

Become aware of the hands

 To become aware of your hands and legs is to be in alignment with the present moment. No longer are you lost in past and future. To understand what I mean when I say to feel your hands, it is to simply ask the question, “Are my hands still there?”. The act of finding out, by you putting your attention on your hand to feel if it’s there, is what I mean by becoming aware of your hands. Feel the sensations in your hands, feel the aliveness of it.

By doing that, your mind is taken of your thoughts, even just for a while. Try to hold it for as long as you can, and remember than the important thing is persistence, not time. So if you can only do it for 5 seconds, then do it again instantly. Keep doing it

Problem with thoughts

 Life challenges only become problems when you have a thought about it, when you label it. When something “bad” happens in your life, let’s say you just failed your finals, all these thoughts arise which makes you miserable. When you become miserable your level of thinking drops, you’re not as creative and not suitable to handle rough situations.

The aim of feeling good is because once you feel good, your mind is a lot clearer, you have a higher perspective and you can respond consciously. So in the case of failing your exams, rather than thinking about how your parents will think, how you won’t get very far in life, or how you’ll get kicked out of University, go straight to your body awareness. Get into the present moment, and don’t try thinking your way out. That comes later when you’re not in reactive mode and in a state of peace and clarity.

When you find out the exam results, and start to feel awful, put your attention to your hands and legs, and become conscious of your breath. Your task is to be in the present moment, to escape thoughts which will be accompanied with your emotions.

If the thoughts do arise, like the ones I mentioned above, then allow them in but see them as just mental noises. Thought is a process that occurs as a natural defense mechanism of the body to respond to fear. It has been conditioned into you your whole life, such as when people go, “What do I do now?? Think ,think, think!” when something bad and unexpected happens.

This is the wrong way to do it, because your clarity of thought is very small in moments of intense pressure.

The best thing to do is to stay calm, sit back, relax and don’t let negative thoughts take you over.

A clearer way of thinking

So if you’ve been in body awareness mode fully, and haven’t allowed your thoughts to take command, you can now use your thoughts in a clearer way.

You have become wise, as wisdom is simply knowledge and a deep clarity in thinking. Now you have a wider perspective on your problems.

In the case of the finals, you might reconsider if the course is the right one for you, you may wonder why you didn’t do so well and how to improve the next time.

You are no longer worried about what will happen to you, how people might think, and your future prospects, which is what normally happens when we are faced with a challenge.

Go straight to the present moment, which is what the hand awareness technique is all about. By simply stepping out of thoughts, and simply “Being”, you literally enter a whole new way of living, where the mind acts as a servant rather than the master.

You can use your thinking for your own good, rather than succumb to the thoughts and emotions associated with it.

Practice this hand awareness technique and you’ll start feeling good and your life will start to look better.



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