Fear – Thoughts

Fear is absurd. The emotion of fear is its own emotion, when you fear something the feeling is the same for when you fear other things – there is no distinction  Fear is its own emotion, unattached to situations and circumstances. It doesn’t care if your flying in a plane, in an elevator, in deep water or in a social setting, fear will simply arise because it’s been a normal thing for you to feel.

FearFear  is nothing. By nothing I mean it’s an unnecessary construct of our own thinking, which has it’s evidence based on false assumptions. Imagine yourself out enjoying the beach and socialising and suddenly you are reminded you have an exam or work project due which you haven’t done. You fear that you won’t do it well enough, you’ll have to rush it and it’ll turn out badly. That feeling is fear. But imagine now getting your result back and you actually didn’t do that well, the emotion from this isn’t as bad as the emotion of fear itself. So then what is fear?

Imagine each emotion in our body (house) as room mates, Fear is just some an attention seeking bully, its the one that everyone hates but they can’t stop it from having an opinion and stress out the house. It has no actual role but to stir shit up, it’s the drama queen. Nothing ever results from it’s actions except to just simply feel panic and stressed out. It has no real purpose in the house hold. Take motivation for example, he’s the one that helps get things done. Love helps keep things together and peaceful.

Fear is just the drama queen that you can’t kick out, but eventually you just learn to stop listening.

Fear it self has no use, the reason why you don’t put your hand in the fire is not because of fear, it’s because you know that you’ll get burned. You don’t need fear to avoid unnecessary danger – just a minimum of intelligence and common sense.

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