Enlightened Fish -Life Lessons & The Purpose of Darkness


The world we live in isn’t defined and it can’t be, the way it is and the meaning of the world is only a perception through your filter. We are the source of all good and evil, happy and sad. The Earth is a perfectly balanced playground of both light and dark forces and potentials which Situations have different ways of being looked at, and the way you look at things determine the experience you get from them. Bad things happening in your life can be seen as the world being cruel, or you can see it as a lesson and welcome the experience. The world becomes very dark and vicious and that is all you know and believe, but that is not the fact of the world.

The world is a neutral realm for the purpose of soul evolution. It is perfecting you, allow you to learn lessons. The world exists in polarity so we can explore both sides of light and darkness to help us truly understand each one. Why don’t fish see and recognize water? Because it is everywhere and always around them. There was never a polarity for them to compare it to, to understand the true essence of water. The fish which gets caught and then released back into the water become enlightened. They are shown a polarity to water, air and now they understand water. Without air there is no understanding of water. In the same way without negativity and fear there is no true understanding of love and positivity, and that is what we ought to learn. You may experience joy, happiness, and love – but you won’t truly understand and appreciate it until you’ve had the opposite.

The ultimate purpose for everything in the universe is to growth. The ultimate growth is understand and seeking  the one infinite consciousness in which we all are. You’re here for a reason, you exist because you have to and the universe intends to do something through you. Your task is to find this by going deep inside yourself and examining your true desires and joy and letting them guide you.  Surrender to the flow of life, the flow of the univers

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