stuck in a rut

Do You Feel Like You’re Stuck in a Rut?

stuck in a rut

Even the most accomplished individuals will have times where they feel down, unmotivated, unfulfilled, lacking in vision and generally not enjoying life as much as they can. This happens to me all the time as I’m constantly trying to push my self and leave my comfort zone so I sometimes get lost and confused. The trick is to:


They don’t last long. Feel the feeling of what it feels like, even if you think there’s nothing to feel. Usually in a state of mental numbness or when you are lacking faith in your process, you can start to view the world like it is out to get you and that nothing will ever work out for you. When we are growing as individual human beings things can often  look confusing and make life seem like a mess.

“I don’t know what the next step is”,”I don’t know where to move on”,”I feel like I’m stagnating with me life” or even “I’m not moving quick enough” are all common signs that you are stuck in a rut. If you’ve been growing as a conscious being recently, you have definitely had some periods where you felt really down.

When The Rut Hits

Whether you’ve had a big night of drinking, a week of eating unhealthily or you’ve done things that you perceive as backward growth – you will feel like you’re stuck. You’ve lost your energy, you are indecisive and you are drowning in fear – what can you do?

Here I will show you simple guidelines on how to get yourself out of this state and start living again. Take note also on how emotions work: they commonly arise from your beliefs, but they also work like the weather – sometimes it rains sometime it shines. Know also that it just takes a ‘minor’ sampling of the beauty of life to change your state of being instantly, where from then on feeling good acts like a snowball and builds and builds.

Step 1

The first step is to  alter your physiology. I have shown in this article that your body language greatly affects the way you feel. Your emotions don’t care what your situation is; if you’re walking confident you will feel confident, if you’re sitting upright you’ll feel empowered etc

how to get out of a rut

Another cool physiological trick is to just stare at the ceiling with the biggest grin on your face and happy eyes. After 10-15 seconds of looking like you’ve lost the plot you’ll start to feel really good.

You can also do a quick 2 minute breathing technique to get your awareness off your thoughts. Every time you breath in, visualize positive and glowing fresh air flowing into your lungs, filling every part of your body and waking up every cell from it’s dormancy. Then when you breath out, visualize all the negativity and restrictions you’ve placed on yourself flow out. Do this over and over again and you will feel amazing.

If none of these work a few other things you an try include listening to good music, watching an inspiring movie or meditate if you know how to.

Step 2

After you’ve achieved that “glimpse” of feeling good, or are suddenly feeling really good anyway, the key is to now remind yourself that all negative emotions will pass – they are temporary. When you’re feeling down it’s hard believe any positive thoughts, so you have to hack your emotions so that you ARE feeling good and then you will really believe that this is just temporarily.

Feeling good starts a snow ball affect of positive thoughts which will make you feel even better – until the next rut comes around.

Step 3

Now that you know that all negative emotions are temporary, do one thing that will make you grow. Just one thing is enough right now, as it can snowball you into other things. For me what I do is usually go for a jog through nature, read a good book or even get social and talk to people.

All these things will take your mind off all your negative thoughts causing the rut, plus it will negate the cause of the rut by doing something positive  ‘for’ your growth, and your process.


Remember the key is through action. When you feel down, it’s usually because you’re not taking any action. Hit the gym, change your body language, and make something happen, it doesn’t matter! Always be moving.

I want to put life and growth in a simple analogy: Imagine you’re asked to walk across a 10 metre room. If you start to have confusing and hindering thoughts such as: what is the best/fastest way to get there? Which foot should I step first? What is distance I should have between each foot? Are my shoes suitable for this kind of walk? etc. then you won’t get anywhere and  be stuck in a rut at the start line still.

If you just take action and just keep moving, all these questions will slowly begin to resolve themselves.

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