How To Bring The Fuzz Back Into Your Day

case of the blues

Feeling the blues

Whether you feel like you haven’t slept for 2 weeks, or your’e just not in the best mood, I want to show you some ways that can you take you out of this mental slump. Every now and then I get caught in this trap, and it’s hard to escape without some ways to snap my self out of it. Here are 6 proven ways in which I have tried that ALWAYS takes me out of whatever fuzz-less state I find myself caught up in.

How to get the fuzz back into your day

1. Have a cold shower. This is one of the top ways to take your mind off something. If you ever have those days where you don’t feel motivated, your apathetic levels are high , then you need something to shake you up and take you out of your comfort zone, just for a bit. It takes your mind off whatever it is that it’s caught in, and allow you to refocus again after a cool refreshing shower. If you dare, try the 30 day cold shower challenge. Have only cold showers everyday, and surprisingly your life will improve in ways you wouldn’t realize.

2. Go for a quick sprint. Similar idea to the cold shower, this is to help you get your mind to reboot. You take your body to the limit, and increase all your sensations. Your heart rate, your breathing and your increase in adrenaline will instantly take you out of any apathetic state. Even if you’re running just down the road and back, it’s the fact of taking your awareness off your mind for a while so you can start with a clean slate.

3. Walk through nature. Going for a walk, like the last exercise, has very many benefits in terms of your mental health. It brings you back to your roots, lets you get in touch with nature and remind you that life is more peaceful that you think. The trees, the birds and the flowing creeks all remind you that nature is where we came from, and most of it is rather peaceful and accepting. In nature you’ll also find that the air is fresher, and a rejuvunating rush will flow into you that you don’t feel in big cities and urban areas. Go out in nature.

4. Meditate. Meditation is something that many people assume applies only to sitting down and and closing your eyes and chanting. This is one style of meditation, and there are many. This style is very hard to do if you have a busy lifestyle, always travelling and never in one place for very long. I want to show you a new way to meditate, which can be done anywhere, any time, whenever you feel that mental slump coming on. This is what I call hand awareness, and this way you can get to that state of mental clarity and motivation.

5. Gratitude Exercise. ¬†This is one of those simple exercises that you can literally do anywhere. What it does it that it reminds you of all the good things you have in your life right now. Gratitude is a release of positive emotions, because you suddenly relize that your life is actually really good right now. Even though you may have some areas in which you’d like to change, be grateful to be able to experience them and face every facet of existence. One thing I like to feel grateful is to simply be able to experience, all the good and bad. This way, experience is everything, and gratefulness is everywhere.

6. Watch An Inspirational Video. If you have 5 minutes, head over to reddit’s motivation page, or browse through this site for some great videos to help pump you up. All you need is just some momentum, and from that state you’ll be ready to face whatever comes at you. Some great speakers for you to watch on youtube are Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor. These guys are some of the best motivators out there today.


The key success with any of these is action. Go and try one right now, just to get a feel of the benefits you will receive from it. The cold shower one is one you could do right now, and its fun ;). It feels like hell for the first couple of times, but once you get used to it it’s magical.

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  • I completely agree. I’ve been trying to get a good friend out of her slump recently and this was the exact advice I’ given her. Number six, however, was something I hadn’t thought about. What a great idea! Especially on reddit, because their database is unlimited and ever-changing. Thanks for the great advice and links!

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Thanks Lindsay. Yes reddit is great I go there for all my motivational needs!

  • Jaques

    For those in need of a quick motivation and have no time to watch a 5 min. video, I really recomend , there are some excelent motivational comics there.