Benefits of Psychedelics


Magic mushrooms and hallucinogens have been used by many cultures for centuries. They act as spiritual tools to allow an easier access into the world unreachable through sober senses. They affect the normal functioning of the brain  to allow you to be more touch with the right side – the side where creativity, insight and ideas reside.


Recent medical experiments have been conducted on magic mushrooms. John Hopkins medical conducted research on psilocybin, the “magical” part of the mushroom, and the subjects concluded that the experiment gave them a sort of spiritual and mystical experience which opened their eyes to a deeper way of life.

Magic Mushrooms were also given to terminally ill patients and it resulted in them being less anxious and depressed in the face of death and allowed them to enjoy their last moments of life.

Deeper Connection to Life

20090908-tribeBruce Parry is a host for the BBC TV series called Tribe, in which he spends at least one month with different indigenous tribes all over the world. He says they all have certain spiritual beliefs and all use hallucinogens and psychedelics. In a recent interview on what his thoughts were on psychedelics, he said:

“No, I don’t think we should all be taking acid. I think drugs are very dangerous. But I do think I learned from those two experiences. I really had an incredibly deep message that came to me. I’m not saying it came from some deity, but when you do lose your mind – if that’s what you want to call it – it’s a really interesting way of looking at the self.”

If you view it not so much as a recreational drug but something to bring you closer to the essence of living when you feel you’ve lost touch – then it becomes beneficial. When you lose perspective and forget how to love drugs can give you leverage to return to love.


Psychedelics give you a different perspective to what you normally have. It lets your mind play around with different ideas and beliefs and let you examine them from a “viewers” perspective. You are part of this movement of emotions and feelings, but you know it’s not really you. It’s just chemical reactions in your body. It brings in new insights on how to approach life and lets you choose which one is the best. This can motivate us to do things we wouldn’t normally do and treat life from a different perspective.

Pamela, a terminal cancer patient, was a subject for a study of magic mushrooms. She was administered psilocybin mushrooms which radically transformed her outlook. Her husband Norbert talks about her experience with mushrooms:

“Pamela had lost hope. She wasn’t able to make plans for the future. She wasn’t able to engage the day as if she had a future left. Her “epiphany” during the treatment was the realization that her fear about the disease was destroying the remaining time she had left.”


Although a recreational approach to psychedelics can be harmful and even dangerous, I think  a controlled approach on the other hand could benefit greatly. If you don’t abuse it but use it as a tool to gain insight into your way of life, you can expect things like a perspective change, remembering how to love and even have motivation to live a meaningful life.

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  • Cool post,

    I use psychedelics occasionally for self-improvement purpose. If you have will power and discipline, you will have no problem to control their usage smartly.

    Often, it take only one small “trip” to finally have the answer that you needed to hear after years of dealing with a situation …

    It can be very power tool.