Awaken From The Dream Of Ignorance


For the majority of people on Earth, they live in ignorance. They don’t even know what they’re doing, or why they’re doing it. They just have a belief that says you have to do it, or you will cease to exist. But that’s all that is, a belief.

We have a conditioned mind pattern that controls us, and determines what we do. To wake up simply means to no longer be a slave to this mind pattern. You see through redundant nature of your mind, and how it’s really not telling the truth at all.

It’s not our fault really, it’s just the way society operates. Since were young we’re conditioned into a certain way of thinking. As a marketing student, we get taught all about manipulating the conditioned beliefs of people to get them to buy our stuff. Put that pretty girl next to the perfume and it’ll sell more. It adds to our sense of identity, that desire to always wanting to “appear” the best.

Through fear we conform to society’s standards because to go your own way is hard. It’s much easier to just get that accounting degree and put yourself through torture for the next 20 years. To me that sounds pretty ridiculous. But fear naturally takes us through that route because everyone else does it – and so no one will ask any questions. We don’t like being asked questions.

So to break out of this conditioning, we first have to realize it for what it is. Just thought patterns. Mental activity which isn’t really who we are. We asleep to our own conditioning, to our own mind. The mind is very powerful, and most of us have been using it incorrectly. The mental static are is just side effects of the mind when it’s not focused. Let it run wild, but don’t listen to it.

Realize that all we “are” is just consciousness. The awareness that you have, or are, is the truth to what you really are. It cannot we expanded and it cannot be contracted. Self image can be diminished through social conditioning. If you get a high paying job, people will think ‘higher’ of you. That sense of being ‘higher’ than someone is the expansion of the self, which regulates as we move through the world. Sometimes we feel small, sometimes we feel big. There is always a a constant flux of states.

To awaken means break out of this flux, and to stay in a balanced state where we are identified with consciousness. We can come to realize this by living in the moment, which means to be out of the mind. Do anything that will take your awareness away from the mind and this is meditation. This will show you glimpses of what you really are, and eventually bring you to a state of constant realization. Here you will have truly awaken – a constant awakening, or enlightenment.

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  • I’m honestly trying to become a YouTube celebrity. How many people in my school are trying to do that? None. How many people are trying to get a boring job? All of them. It sounds kind of obvious what to do.