Ars Spiritus Readers – I Have A Question

After writing over 100 articles, I just want to ask you guys a quick question on what interests you most and consequently what I will be focusing more on.

I need some advice on topic ideas and what you want me to talk more about.

Is it Quotes? Inspiration? Success? Wealth?

Share your ideas, either in the comment or if you wish for more privacy email it to


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  • Steve

    Not interested in self-improvement, success, wealth etc. Am very interested in Truth. Any inspiration/quotes/path that leads toward Truth and away from delusion

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Awesome steve, I’ll write some more on it.

  • TaurusTurtle

    I honestly think you’re already doing a great job. I visit this website often and there is always something new that I learn whether it’s from an image, quote or article.

    The subjects that you cover are broad; and that’s perfect for someone like myself who, may be confused and need to absorb information from different perspectives and topics.

    In other words, I’ve learned to understand why I get so angry so quickly by reading one of your articles that have nothing to do with emotions.

    But I would assume that if you’re operating this website alone, the responsibility must be intensive, so I would suggest more topics on the mind. Without a healthy mind nothing else can be obtained.

    It’s pretty vague, but I’m short on time and I don’t want to see this website disappear from my favorites!

    Keep up the good work! Please.

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Thanks TaurusTurtle, a very appreciated comment!

      Topic on the mind I think are one of my favourites to write, I will be sure to write more. Mind is everything.

  • Jaques

    I really like the self- improvement topics, but I’d also like to see more quotes (I think they’re kinda like quick motivational boosters : you don’t take a lot of time reading them and feel better afterwards).

    • Ars Spiritus Team

      Me too, I love quotes. They are instant motivation boosters. Thanks for the comment!