A Master In The Art Of Living


Today I want to share a simple quote from the Buddha.

“A Master in the art of living
makes no distinction between his work and his play,
His Labor and his leisure,
His mind and his body,
His education and his recreation,
His love and his religion.
He hardly knows which is which.
He simply pursues a vision of excellence in whatever he does,
Leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.
To him he is always doing both.”

-The Buddha

This quote pretty much sums up the purpose of this site, and what we are trying to achieve here.

This is what we want you to reach in your lives – a blurring of the lines between the apparent opposites in life – and making it all one.The things we are taught to juxtapose one another become just one.

To become peaceful and fulfilled we must achieve this. To make the world peaceful again people need to achieve this. All greed, violence, fear, and the general bellicose nature of the world will simply fall away once we learn love and experience it. To experience love we must know how to love ourselves – and to love ourself we must do what it is we enjoy and feel fulfilled with.

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  • Very powerful mindset, but one that is difficult to achieve. I’m getting closer yet it’s still very far away.

  • a readear

    hello my friend:

    This quote from the Buddha I can not spot where is coming from. As a matter of fact it does not sound like what the Buddha. In spirit yes, of course, but your quote has a modern ring that is quite absent from the cannonical scriptures. But maybe I am wrong. Can you please say where to find this quote:
    Perhaps in the pali cannon, Or in a Sutra of the Mahayana. Please guide us.