improve productivity

3 Simple Tricks to Increase Productivity

improve productivity

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he older we grow the more it seems like we have less and less time to accomplish what we want. The days seem to be shorter and time seems to be getting quicker. Procrastination seems to grasp so tightly onto you that it’s easier to succumb then to fight it. But what if there were psychological tricks to overcome them? Here I will show you three simple tricks to get over the productivity hurdle and get you producing more and more value. Whether its for business,work or university then these simple tricks will work for you. Once you start doing them be sure to repeat it over a course of a few weeks to ingrain the habit into you. They say it takes about 3 weeks to start a new habit so keep this in mind if you want to have long term productivity.
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1. Visualise yourself having already completed the task. The best advice I’ve ever been given when having to complete a task is to always see the end goal in mind. Visualize what you want to accomplish and see it as already finished. This tricks your mind into thinking that it’s already done – and the task becomes less daunting and easier to start. Once you see exactly what you want to do then you can easily overcome procrastination – as procrastination has elements of the fear of not knowing what to do.

2. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Don’t worry about quality – just start moving forward. The key is to always have something down on the table so to make the task less daunting. Imagine if you were asked to walk across the room – the best way to do it is to move forward – don’t worry where you’re going to put your next foot or whether or not it’ll be a perfect step = just move forward. This is crucial to getting any task done

3. Step three is to take a break when ever you feel like you need one. The quality of your work improves when you take your mind off it for a while. This is so your mind can relax and start up again with much more mental energy and work from a blank slate. You’re not stifled by previous thoughts and come to the task with a plate of fresh ideas and can greatly improve the task at hand. That’s why authors always spend a lot of the time in the editing stage [/tab]

Next time you have to do a task follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll have it done in no time.

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