20 Ways To Improve Yourself Right Now


Self improvement in my opinion should be number one priority. It is the conscious growth of the person you are now, and pushing your abilities to its true potential and really defining the limits of what’s possible. All the greatest athletes, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, masters and gurus have successfully redefined what is possible in their respective fields. They have a deep passion for what they do. They have truly grasped their self  improvement drives. To help you grasp this I want to explain this quote to you:

“What a man can be, he must be. This need we may call self-actualization…It refers to the desire for self-fulfilment, namely, to the tendency for him to become actualized in what he is potentially. This tendency might be phrased as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.” – Abraham Maslow

When I read this quote, something inside me rings, almost as if something still sleeping wants to wake up. What this quote is saying is that everyone has in them the ability to become their best self, and achieve much more than they already are. But most people lack the motivation or the desire to do this, as life has beautiful distractions. Here’s 20 ways to get you started on the road to becoming a master.

20 Ways of Self Improvement

1. Meditation – I think this is the most crucial step for self improvement. It is a great tool to clear your mind, and help you focus. It also has been proven to increase life expectancy, enable a healthier state of mind and brings in more peace and happiness to your life.  When the constant chatter of your mind is silent, you realize the true way of life – which is in the now.

2. Do 30 Day challenges – It has been said that in order to form a habit you need to commit to doing it every day for at least 30 days. Our muscle memory and the subconscious mind absorb the new input gradually and take about a month to fully ingrain it into the psyche. This is one of the greatest ways for self improvement, as you can choose each facet you want to improve on and go through them like a list. Here’s a list of excellent 30 day challenges you can start right now!

3. Go traveling – I think this is one of the most crucial things you must do in life. It expands the horizon of your perception, and allows you to see other ways of life. It lets you have a deeper understanding of how beliefs and values vary all over the world, and gives you something to contrast with. Here I explain the seven most benefitting things about traveling.

4. Eat healthy – Here’s one you can start doing right now. Each better food. Eat food that will benefit you in the long run, as these gives you a better state of mind, you think clearer, your body feels more energetic, you feel lighter – and an increase in overall motivation. When I first started eating healthy I got bored of it quick. The food wasn’t that good, and it was quite expensive! But after a while, I realized that healthy foods may not make you feel good at the time, but in the long run you feel a lot better as your body uses less for digestion.

5.Exercise – I think exercise is another crucial part of reaching success and fulfillment. It keeps you disciplined, and greatly benefits your health. After a big workout, it also just feels good – it’s a little tingle mixed with a little numbness, a natural kind of high. Just go for a simple jog 3 times a week, for 20 minutes each and that is enough. Combine this with eating healthy and you’ll have an awesome body as well.

surfing-and-instagram-make-for-incredible-photos-pics--cdcfff23c96. Discover your passion – Earlier I linked to an article to finding your passion. Have a read of it and understand why I think this is crucial to self improvement. To fully enjoy life and your vocation you must love it. It must make you feel excited just thinking about it. This is the path to success, fulfillment, and abundance.

7. Read books– Everything that you ever wanted you know or learn about can be found it books. They have been around for thousands of years, and are a great way of conveying someone’s message. When choosing which books to read, make sure they excite you and you want to read it. Don’t read it because you saw somewhere that everyone should read it, read it because you think it’ll entertain or benefit you in some way. The books I read include Eckhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill, Osho, David Deida, Robert Scheinfield and many more.

8. Take consistent action – Whatever it is you do or ever want to be, you won’t get there without taking action. A day’s worth of action is more valuable than a week’s worth of reading how to do it. The biggest difference is the first hand experience is ingrained into you, rather than just reading about it in a book. You understand the why and how the concept works. Even if you hit obstacles, stumble, and get lost, you will find your way out if you persist. You learn from your mistakes.

9. Set big hairy audacious goals (BHAGS) – The bigger your goals are the more easily you will reach the levels just below them. What this means is that if you are trying to make 100,000 dollars, try to make 1 million dollars and the 100,000 won’t look as bad, and you’ll feel more motivated to do it. You stretch the possibilities of what you are capable of achieving.

10. Find what scares you, and do it – It is commonly known that the only way to overcome your fears is to face it head on. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to self improvement as it takes you to a lower state of being and makes you not believe in yourself. You have to learn how to feel the fear, and do it anyway. When you face your fears you realize that the original beliefs you had on it, such as I’m bad at public speaking, is not really true as long as you apply yourself and do your best. The fear was keeping you from being confident, which is what makes a good public speaker.

11. Avoid negativity in your life – A questionnaire was done to identify certain genetically based personality traits and how they relate to life span and wellbeing. It was found that, unsurprisingly, that people with a more positive view on life tend to live longer and have a healthier life style. They also said that fully expressing and feeling your emotions, rather than bottling it up, clears your mind and takes away lots of emotional baggage. It makes sense if you think about it. People who are happier are more motivated to do positive things, and this in turn contributes greatly to their own life.

12. Maintain persistence – In order to become a master at something, persistence is crucial. On your path, in whatever field it may be, in order to take your passion to its greatest potential you have to push through even if it seems like you’re not improve. The path to self improvement is filled with plateaus, and the only way to overcome plateaus is to push through them and you’ll find that improvement tends to happen in sharp spikes.

13. Try to think of ideas everyday – Train your creativity muscle by trying to come up with a list of things that you think are important e.g. 10 ways to make more money without college. Come up with a list of things every day, or when you’re bored. Some of those ideas may be such a good one that you can make a business out of it or even write a book from it.  This exercise also expands your brains ability to come up with new ideas, and as you practice the better and quicker you get at it.

14.Spend less time wasting time – I used to have a big problem with wasting time. When I would go on the computer to do work, 5 minutes later you can find me watching videos on YouTube, or looking at cat images on Now I force myself to do nothing but ONLY work until its complete. I may check my email every now and then, but nothing else can be done. When you’re doing good work, and then you decide to do something else, the momentum fades when you retain back to it and you’ll have to build it up again. For this article it’s been almost 2 hours now and I haven’t moved from my seat, and I’m only on… point 12. I might go have some lunch though, as I tend to think better with some food in me 😉

15. Be kind – If you want people to support you on your path to success, you have to learn to be kind to people. When you treat people a certain way, they will generally treat you back the same way. What you put out, is always what you get back. The more friends you make, the easier it is to live through life as no one wants to hinder you, as you aren’t a threat to them. When you treat someone negatively, you are instantly viewed as a threat to their survival and being. As a biological defense, they will tend to want to see you fail in every way, until you are no longer feeling like a threat. Again – this is only biological, and a natural response we picked up from ape days, so be wary of this and take advantage of it.

16. Read some Zen – A lot of people tend to see Zen, and ‘mindfulness’ material as airy fairy. I think this is the furthest from the truth. It teaches you how to full experience life. When you have to pee, go pee, when you’re hungry, eat. That’s simple, and commonsense, but many tend to overlook this and try to fight it. Let the natural flow of your body express itself fully, and you will find a lighter way to live. Your emotions and fear inducing negative beliefs become diminished, as you are less identified with your thoughts and are more identified with the awareness that is who you really are.

17.Quit bad habits – If you have a bad habit in you that is quite evident, such as drinking sugary drinks every day, smoking, binge drinking, sleeping late, thinking that the world hates you etc. – seek out methods in stopping. It’s a simple answer – but may require minor tips in showing you the right way to do it. Whatever it is, I’m positive there will be tons of material on it. Make it a 30 day challenge to give you a goal, and a simple path to follow.

18.Stop complaining – Complaining is a definite way of making sure that whatever you’re complaining about to keep happening. You tend to focus on it more, and your reticular activation system will naturally pick up subtle clues reaffirming that belief. Let’s say that you complain that your friend is talking behind your back. You’ll be alert for anything in relation to this at all, such as someone just saying that “I heard [friend] talk about someone the other day”, – where you instantly think it must be about you – when it could have been anyone. You then feel bad about yourself, lose confidence and motivation.

19. Hang around influential potential – The people who you generally hang out with can hinder you or benefit you in some way. The business partners you choose to work with may be negative and uninspiring, which brings you and the business down. Find people who are realistic yet have large ambitions, and work hard at getting what they want and can help each other out along the way.

20. Take a course in something – A sure way to learn about self development and to know that you will advance at something is to take a course in it. As I said before, it gives you the knowledge of experience, first hand on how what you’re doing affects what you’re learning, which can’t be obtained from a book. The instructors will lead you in simple steps, which anyone can pick up.


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