2 Simple Things You Can Do To Lose Excess Weight


Influenced by The 4 Hour Body, these 2 simple tasks you can do everyday will help you dramatically with your weight loss goals and increase your muscle definition. Along with your natural exercise routine, these two exercises will greatly contribute to helping you reach a healthy weight and live a lighter and less tiring lifestyle.

Task 1

Drink 30 grams of protein shake within 30 minutes of you waking up.

Simple, right?

If you’re like me, and are too lazy to make breakfast before hitting the gym then I think drinking some energy is the way to go – plus you can always eat after you work out.

Why this is important is because it helps kick start your metabolism so your body can start working on burning excess fat as soon as you wake up.

For awesome protein shake recipes, head over to FHBR.

Task 2

The second task is some simple exercising and toning. This helps with muscle definition, strengthening your core and weight loss.

1. The first step is to do 10 slow pull ups. This means that you grab hold of a bar, or a monkey bar, and slowly pull yourself up – do this 10 times if you can, or as much as you can handle.

2. Step two is doing 10 slow push ups. Like a normal push up, but you do it a little slower both going up and going down.

3. Third step is to do 10 slow sit ups. Like a normal sit up, but your rise and fall rate is much slower than normal.

Apply to a 30 day Challenge

A good way to implement this into your daily routine is to challenge yourself to do it for 30 consecutive days.

Make it an intention to stick to this challenge, as the results after 30 days will be phenomenal.

It has helped me and many people I know, and it’s so effective because it’s easy, simple and awesome!

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