10 Foods You Should Avoid

food to avoid

Here’s a list of the foods you should avoid when you can. They provide little benefit to your body and can even be harmful.

1) Hot chips/French fries

  • —A high GI carb  (sugar) coated with saturated fat – often cooked in trans fat cheap saturated oil
  • —Deep-frying in oil adds the carcinogen acrylamide into potatoes and most chips
  • —Excess calories will be stored quickly as fat

2) Processed breakfast cereals

  • —Avoid those which use genetically modified grains
  • —They are packed with refined sugar and offer little protein value
  • —Just wander into the cereal aisle and see if you can find a bag of plain oats

3) Soft drinks

  • —It is packed full of refined sugar, bumping up insulin, and has no nutritional value
  • Diet soft drinks – can contain aspartame and has no nutritional value. Aspartame is metabolised into a formaldehyde compound, which can lead to problems. There is evidence that artificial sweeteners can stimulate the desire for sweet food.

4) Decaffeinated coffee

  • —If you are going to drink coffee, then do so
  • —Some of the decaffeination processes utilise filtration that imparts active chlorine into the coffee
  • —There is a study suggesting women who drink decaffeinated coffee have a higher incidence of rheumatoid arthritis

5) White bread

  • —It is made with refined flour stripped of vitamins, fibre, protein and minerals
  • —Refined liquid sugar is added
  • —Eat soy-linseed bread instead

shutterstock_59881786) Commercial pizza

  • —High in sodium, carbohydrates and fats, pizza is heated at over 180c, destroying a great deal of the nutrient value
  • —For it to be commercially viable, it makes it tough to use quality produce
  • —Making your own, by using pure flours, vegetables, minimising cheese and sodium, may be an alternative

7) Low fat ice cream

  • —It is made from genetically modified soy
  • —Taking fat out of the ice cream drives up the glycemic index
  • —Either eat ice cream – or don’t
  • —Don’t think that there is any such thing as healthy ice cream

8) Do nuts

  • — Do nuts are deep fried white bread coated with sugar – enough said – shocker

9) Fruit drinks

  • —They are mostly water, sugar with some colouring
  • —Even the labelling on fruit juices can be misleading

 10) Energy drinks

  • Like soft drinks, energy drinks are usually loaded with sugar and goodness knows what other weird and wonderful concoctions – with the caffeine inclusion being processed.
  • I say drink a coffee or tea if you enjoy a caffeine hit.


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